Dining room tables for classic homes

The dining table is the centerpiece of a dining room. Buying a dining table is an exercise between form and function. In a classic style the details and accents are very important. Interior design for classic homes must be elegant and luxurious.

We’ll show you just a few suggestions of dining room tables for classic homes.

Xilos dining table by B&B Italia


This dining table has a frame made from honeycomb and wood particle panels and a veneer finish of brushed light oak, brushed black oak, grey oak or smoked oak.

Fortuna dining table by Boca do Lobo


A fresh contemporary dining table and a shimmering statement from Boca do Lobo. Gold is one of the color themes that best represents the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, which is implicit in this piece.

Dining table by Modenese Gastone Group


Apis dining table by BRABBU


The imposing of this table is represented by a top that retraces the torso of big and ancient trees and in a base inspired on the golden beehives, that together results in a piece of nature translated into a piece of furniture.

Intuition dining table by Koket


The two tone metal ribbon of the Intuition dining table evokes the mysterious and divine feminine instinct. Carefree & unexpected swirls are guided by emotions and desires. Matt black metal swirl with metallic interior & glass top.