Discover Bulgari’s New Curiosity Shop

Online and Offline sales are not exactly a zero-sum game, retailers just need to give consumers a reason to go into their stores. So, Discover Bulgari’s New Curiosity Shop!


Online shopping has never been easier. In the United States, the evidence supports the idea that regardless of distance (metropolitan NYC or far-flung Boulder, Colorado), the majority of American consumers want the tactile experiences offered by physical stores.


Curiosity Shop

Bvlgari New Curiosity Shop provides a destination shopping experience. Exactly what retailers need to draw traffic back to their physical stores.


“Old Curiosity Shop” as envisioned by Sotirio Bulgari, was named for a Charles Dickens’ novel. It evoked a sense of wonder and curiosity for foreigners who had chanced upon the store on along streets of Via Condotti, Rome. Now, 113 years on, a modern take has been conceived in a new space next to the historic curio boutique on 10 Via Condotti.


While all the trappings of a Bulgari store like Venn chandeliers and assortment of luxurious fixtures can be found in the “New Curiosity Shop”, what sets it apart is the mysteries that are hidden in the outlets’ many drawers and shelves which line walls and floors from corner to corner. A curated selection of objets d’art, Italian decorative arts pieces, mirrors, Chinese porcelain and naturally, high jewelry and Serpenti watches can be found in every nook and cranny. Every visit is an experience and every new curio is a boutique exclusive.

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For jewelry lovers, it means exclusive editions of the CONDOTTI10. For watch aficionados, it means a 20 piece limited edition Serpenti Twist Your Time with the case back engravings “Only in Rome”.


Closer to home, we have Malmaison at Knightsbridge and the latest newcomer, Watch Wonderland at Suntec City. While Watch Wonderland isn’t as lush or cultured as Malmaison, watch retail’s newest addition makes up for in very cool, affordable timepieces. In one cabinet, you can find watches from Octavio Garcia, the former Chief Artistic Officer at Audemars Piguet. Garcia’s offerings, Gorilla Watches were the brainchild of colleague Lukas Gopp, using exotic materials and construction techniques.


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