Discover this Luxurious Wijion Champagne

Discover this Luxurious Wijion Champagne – an amazing brand that is a real icon of the Portuguese community, Wijion dominates the power of the most exclusive drinks in the world.


Conceived in Portugal by renowned oenologist Osvaldo Amado through methóde Champenoise, these nectars are still the result of an extraordinary selection of the best grapes, selected by more than 800 winemakers, who guide us through exuberant and unique sensations.



For a special occasion or just for the reunion of friends this champagne can be used for several occasions, and make that occasion special because your palate will never be the same.


Reinvent the bottles labels and make the bottle “Yours” something so different and at the same time so majestic. Joining the world of this exclusive experience so that you can feel a king.


Unique is the word that most defines this brand and this product, many may think it is one in the middle of thousands but the way they do it make it differently, the quality and the passion for the area.

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Wijion conceives unique collections that aim to recognize the savoir-faire of Portuguese Winemakers, bringing at the same time luxury experiences that can be only achieved through a special attention that goes down to the smallest detail during the entire process.


Among the seductive personality of Wijion‘s sparkling wines, the harmony, elegance and fine bubbling stand out, elevated by the mystery of the cellars that welcomed these nectars for their second fermentation.


The incredible world of Wijion is more than meets the eye, is something special that can be shared with the special persons in your life.



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