Duchess Style Dressing Tables with Mirror


Today, dressing tables come in an array of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Some of them don’t have mirrors anymore, so you can use small consoles and desks to fit the role. But of course, the mirror makes it reflective, which not only will brighten a room, but is also a help when you’re applying makeup. Also it is very important to have at least 2 drawers. If you’re a little messy, you can tuck everything away.

At the moment you can find different duchess styles dressing tables. Here you will find the best dressing tables with mirror:


This is one of my favorites. White is always a good color for your bedroom or closet.


I fall in love with this art deco dressing table. It is so unique, love the materials and the shape.

bd barcelona 2

This dressing table is the most controversial one. The mix of colors and materials is great to inspire yourself each morning.


A mid century dressing table perfect for small rooms, it is also similar to a desk. I really appreciate the handles, so vintage.



Mid century dressing table that works like a puzzle. Very interesting combination of materials: leather, marble, mirror and metal.