Evening Dresses Inspired By Antique Architecture

The famous, well-known and reputable French designer, Sylvia Facon took the initiative to create evening dresses inspired by Antique Architecture. Not only did she got inspired by ancient history but she also used this dresses to tell stories.

In order to give tribute to its origins, she used evening gowns to convey the story of Arras. Combining latest fashion trends and dresses, she successfully impressed millions of people through her fantastic dresses.

She got the brilliant idea of using the municipal advisor of Arras as the cover face of her limited edition of this dress.

She did not only used her evening dresses to tell stories but also as a way of expression of Art. This artistic fashion designer created the buzz through the inventive merger of history and contemporary architecture.

Each of limited edition presents evening dresses that as latest trends and everlasting items through the story conveyed.evening dresses

Her Fairytale dresses will take back to the past, and have the magic of being everlasting, exclusive and different.

evening dresses

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Designed in white, meticulously made to offer a wedding dress taking as a focus, contemporary architecture, and craftsmanship.

evening dresses

Passionate about art, and being viewed as a perfectionist, her limited edition is flawless, impressive and extremely beautiful.

evening dressesViolon and hints of sheet music handcrafted in a dress made of high-quality fabrics to overwhelm its buyer and make them feel special and values.

You would probably be wondering how did she get the inspiration for designing evening gowns using storytelling. Well, giving tribute to history can be conveyed and displayed through many tools, she used fashion and design to recall the past through technology and art.

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