Exclusive Design – Top 10 Exclusive Mirrors

Exclusive mirrors are much more than just decorative pieces. They can the statement piece that makes or breaks your interior design, so today, Design Limited Edition brings you our curated selection of limited edition mirrors.

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The rectangular mirror wall lamp sculpture is made of wood folded by polished stainless steel that portrays a perfect mirror. Through the manual fitting of gold hammered brass sheet bursts an antique fixture with an intricate edge detailing arm topped by an elegant pane lantern hand-sculpted by casting mould. Born from the rich tradition of iron forging and skilled goldsmiths, this majestic rectangular mirror lamp is a soulful piece with classic distinction for outstanding private residences to the greatest contract settings.
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This stunning mirror is a unique decorative piece to add to any sophisticated interior design. Its rigorous frame is adorned with a delicate decoration applied by hand on the mirror, rendering with masterful expertise a series of colourful flowers and running all around the rectangular perimeter.

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This exclusive design mirror is handmade out of chromium lacquered wood and hand cut mirror. Using techniques such as Joinery and Glass Work, this beautiful statement piece is a must in any contemporary home.
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This unique mirror will take centre stage on a bare wall in an entryway or living room, creating an enchanting effect in any interior decor. Elegant and sophisticated, this wall mirror has a frameless dodecagon shape with an inside geometric etched design of angled lines that form an octagon.

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Made using a set of handmade brass nails with handmade textures applied using  Jewellery technique, this opulent exclusive mirror will fit right into any modern interior design.

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This magnificent mirror is a true work of art, crafted according to traditional methods used since the 16th century. The inner and outer perimeter of the piece is adorned with pure gold leaf, while the hand-applied black lacquer is superbly decorated with a garland of small, colourful flowers and leaves. This classic piece will be a unique, precious accent in any home.

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Inspired by Venetian Mirrors, each piece that composes this exclusive mirror was manually and individually bevelled and fitted onto a wooden structure.

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The rectangular shape on this unique mirror is surrounded by a striking brass frame with a natural finish, whose silhouette creates a garland of triangles all around its perimeter with corners highlighted with squares. The effect is elegant and dynamic.

A round large mirror with a gold frame made from brass cords in artistic motifs, gilded in 18k gold, intricately handcrafted by one of ancient and richest jewellery making techniques known called Filigree. A precious piece of art that pays tribute to the finest craftsmanship, ideal for a unique and exclusive home.

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Composed by a set of thirteen frames in mahogany and convex mirrors supported by twenty-one turned wood spindles.

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