Exclusive Designs: Royalty Inspired Shoes

Let yourself be blown away by the perfect fit for a queen! Today, we bring you the most amazing selection of diamond-encrusted exclusive designs shoes worth $300,000 inspired by royalty.


exclusive designs


As everyone knows, Swarovski crystal embellished shoes are being used among celebrities – in all ranges but, now a UAE based designer has taken the next natural step – diamonds! Jada Dubai has created a pair of high heeled pumps that are decked out in 54 carats worth of diamonds! That’s not all, they also feature 416.2 carats of white sapphires and gold and platinum soles.


These extravagant royalty shoes are certainly very pretty to look at but as you can imagine they come at a bank-breaking price: $300,000. They are only one of the handcrafted exclusive designs pairs of shoes that comprise Jada Dubai’s Royal collection. The Jada shoes are inspired by ‘legendary love story of a mirage princess named Jada in the desert’.



The collection features several other exclusive designs inspired by royalty through the ages. This pair featuring real rubies and emeralds is inspired by Napoleon and his wife Josephine.

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These serpentine ones are inspired by the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra.


Grace Kelly of Monaco is the muse behind this simple pair with a tiara style ankle strap.



Princess Diana served as the inspiration for this royalty shoes. But if you think you’ve spotted them at your local shopping mall, it’s definitely a mirage because these were made by a single craftsman in Venice and supposedly take 3-8 weeks to create.


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