Top 5 Exclusive Weddings of 2015

4. Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild

Top 5 Exclusive Weddings of 2015 Exclusive Weddings Top 5 Exclusive Weddings of 2015 exclusive weddings 2015 5

Nicky Hilton’s wedding to James Rothschild on Friday began with a stunning ceremony and was followed by an elegant reception that was fit for royalty – with a few very American touches.
While the evening’s menu kicked off with canapes, caviar and foie gras, the night was capped off with a late night meal that included mini sliders, french fries, mac and cheese and milkshakes.
And the guest list was just as eclectic as the dining options, with a crown prince, supermodel, and handful of Bravo reality stars among those who were on hand for the very exclusive fete.

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