Limited Edition | The Most Expensive Apple Computer

One of such firsts is Apple 1 computer, which possibly is the most expensive Apple Computer right now, thanks to a 671,400 USD being paid for one of its working models. The world has been in a frenzied race for speed and accelerated technological developments. But the past years of glorious technological advancement and development is still something to be proud of.
Limited Edition | The Most Expensive Apple Computer
That definitely may seem to be a huge amount of money to pay for an out of date piece of electronic machine, that can’t even run a software properly and don’t even come with its own keyboard or display unit. Apple 1 is one of the first computers built by Steve Wozniak. The Apple co-founder is reported to have hand assembled the Apple 1 computers. According to popular legends, Steve Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator and Steve Jobs his VW Campervan to finance the construction of Apple 1.
Limited Edition | The Most Expensive Apple Computer
Steve Wozniak designed and assembled Apple 1 by hand and Steve Jobs went on to market them in 1976. They went on to produce around 200 pieces of Apple 1 before introducing Apple 2. Apple II became a groundbreaking computer device and a hugely popular one around the world. Out of the few hundred manufactured only a handful of Apple I remains in working condition. According to legends, these first batch of Apple 1 were assembled by Steve Wozniak in their family garage. Apple I which is the predecessor of Apple II, considered and regarded as a special computer. It paved way for the first commercially viable personal computer and revolutionized the world of the personal computer. Apple I became the first preassembled computer and was sold for a marked price of $666.66.
Limited Edition | The Most Expensive Apple Computer
The Apple 1 had a memory of 4KB and was expandable up to 48KB. The CPU was a 1MHz one, and users had to supply their own keyboard and also a monitor. Mostly television sets used to work as a monitor. Apple 1 was more like an assembled circuit board that contained about 60 chips give or take a few.
Limited Edition | The Most Expensive Apple Computer
One of the original Apple 1 was sold at Christie’s in London back in 2010 for a price of around 210,000 USD. Surely Apple 1 is one of the costliest computers in the world and definitely one of the costliest Apple computers. The latest Apple 1 that has hit the costliest deal of 671,400 USD is said to the most expensive Apple computer.
According to reports, the Apple 1 has the signature of creator Steve Wozniak’s signature also. The computer is also one of the few functional models that exist. The costliest Apple 1 that was sold for a price of 671,400 USD to an unknown buyer was also accompanied by an old business transaction letter from Steve Jobs. Surely Apple 1 is worth the price and worth the glory to be the world’s most expensive Apple Computer, as that was the morning that showed the day for Apple.
Limited Edition | The Most Expensive Apple Computer
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