Top 10 Most Expensive Chandeliers Of The World


Chandeliers are used to compose and embellish a space. Some houses have simplest chandeliers while the others have biggest and also some of the most expensive chandeliers in the world. Next, we present a Top 10 of Most Expensive Chandeliers In The World that not everyone can afford to have it. Often, these chandeliers are placed in palaces, hotels and large areas of art and entertainment.

How much would you pay for a chandelier? Take a look at Top 10 of Most Expensive Chandeliers In The World.



One of the most expensive Bohemian chandeliers in the world hangs in the Dolmabahce Palace of Istanbul, in Turkey. It was a gift from Queen Victoria of England, and sports 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tonnes.

Expensive Chandeliers