Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

Dominick Leuci opened his studio in 2016 and adopted since the beginning a futuristic perspective inspired by the golden Eras of Romanticism and Modernism in his contemporary art.

Always trying to bring to life pioneering concepts in the design and contemporary art fields, this artist puts his soul into his art pieces, trying to merge historical influences with contemporary furniture. His work with the materials is almost like an alchemist’s one, transforming essences to create something new, precious and unique.

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

Dominick wishes to give material shape to a mystery, capturing the abstract creatively.  Every single one of his contemporary art designs is natural, created by the organic forces of the universe, and handcrafted by mechanical processes.

He has a wide background in fashion and home design, so Dominick utilizes his deep knowledge to break boundaries with his creations. His style is called: “Romodern“, an interesting amalgam of Romanticism and Modernism.

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci
Eques Collection (2018). Created with air blown stainless steel plumes made especially for DLEUCI by Full Blown Metals Ltd.

Dominick is well-known thanks to his “Light Sculptures”, like the ones from the collection Eques. This art collection of LED light sculptures has the mission to explore the mysteries and wonders of nature. The inspiration for its shape came from the Sea Dragon and that’s why the design integrates air inflated metal plumes. Eques artworks are made with a mix of high polished mirror, stainless steel and plated 24KT gold. The incredible contemporary art sculpture even seems to float and defy gravity.

This collection is exclusive and was showcased at Todd Merrill Studio.

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

Romodern Artifacts is a collection of exquisite designs finely crafted using hand blown glass, cast bronze and sandblasted metal. These are wonderful abstract creations with high mirror polish surfaces and exquisite textures.

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci


Limited Edition Collection Boca do Lobo

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

In painting, Dominick wants to “[make] the ethereal visible” achieving “ETHEReality”. His paintings show us what usually is invisible to the eyes. On one hand, the Dream Hive paintings represent a challenge between cool and warm, dark and light colours. The movements of his brushes create feather-like shapes that evoke a transcendental world. On the other hand, the Vortex paintings are similar to sculptures, growing layer after layer of different paint mediums.

For Dominick, painting is a way to achieve another world where the truth lies.

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

Exquisite Contemporary Art by Dominick Leuci

Last but not least, Dominick’s wall sculptures can be customized, are abstract and remind us of natural forms, creating a sensation of tranquillity and balance.

We will be waiting for news about his contemporary art and design projects.

Stay with us to discover more about contemporary art design and more!

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