Exquisite Craftsmanship by Luxury Brands

In an era of on-demand conveniences and mass-produced everything, it may be unpopular to point out that faster isn’t always better. In fact, when it comes to craftsmanship, faster is just…faster. And no one knows that better than the skilled craftspeople from luxury brands who handcraft true masterpieces of design and luxury.

Article Originally Published On April 17, 2019

Today we bring you four examples of high-end brands, from the world of furniture design, Haute Horlogerie, Crystal Jewellery and Leather Goods, that still cherish the art of craftsmanship in their creations.

Boca do Lobo

BL (5) Exquisite Craftsmanship by Luxury Brands

Boca do Lobo seeks to encourage and represent the most authentic handcrafting techniques and craftsmanship around the world by understanding and interpreting the past, through technology and contemporary design. They dare to design artistic products and accurately handcrafted pieces with years of legacy.

BL (4) Exquisite Craftsmanship by Luxury Brands

This Portuguese luxury brand is fearless and craves for innovation, being able to deliver an unparalleled experience and fulfil their most demanding clients’ desires and needs.

BL (3) Exquisite Craftsmanship by Luxury Brands

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious watch manufacturers in the world. The jewel in the crown of a Patek Philippe watch is the fact that, from its case and dial to its beating heart, it has been finished by hand by a dedicated, trained specialist, with craftsmanship skills passed down through generations.

The specialist artistic techniques used to decorate timepieces have a long and glorious history at Patek Philippe. The company is very open about its master artisans, their skills, and the Stern family’s unique commitment to rare handcrafts past, present and future.

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Finishes Boca do Lobo


When Daniel Swarovski first introduced his crystal-cutting machine in the nineteenth century, couturiers quickly caught on to the array of possibilities that glittering crystals could afford them. Charles Frederic Worth and Jeanne Paquin were the first to embroider their gowns with Swarovski crystals and they soon became a prized material in Parisian ateliers. Following a century-long tradition of close collaboration with some of the top houses of couture—including Chanel, Schiaparelli and Christian DiorAtelier Swarovski was born out of Swarovski’s rich legacy and a desire to explore the next frontier of crystal-couture jewellery.

Atelier Swarovski’s luxury crystal accessory collections are created in collaboration with some of the most remarkable designers from a range of creative fields including fashion, jewellery, and architecture. Released bi-annually, these collections celebrate the infinite creative potential of Swarovski crystal and the artistry of each designers’ unique vision.


Creative directors, wine growers, leather craftsmen, cellar masters, stylists, retail architects… Their employees perform over 30 different design and craftsmanship “métiers” for the group’s Houses. This is a priceless human heritage that the Group is committed to promoting and developing. Ensuring that these unique skills are passed on is a major concern of LVMH and its Houses. Craftsmanship is not acquired rapidly but requires many years’ experience.

Among the recent initiatives rolled out by the Group in order to highlight and preserve the virtuosity of its employees, “Les Journées Particulières”, the creation of the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence and the Ecole des Savoir-Faire Maroquiniers Louis Vuitton all promote craftsmanship and design professions.

Stay with us to learn more about exquisite craftsmanship and luxury brands.

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