Fineart: The Art of Bulgari, La Dolce Vita & Beyond

Those who love jewelry design will certainly want to see this exhibition. Until February 17, De Young Museum in San Francisco is showcasing approximately 150 pieces created by the renowned Italian jeweler Bulgari in the period between 1950 and 1990.

The exhibition showcases Bulgari’s innovations in jewelry design and includes several striking pieces from the Elizabeth Taylor collection (watch the video), along with sketches and other materials from the Bulgari archives.

The jewelry brand certainly had a big part in what became known as the Italian school of jewelry design. Known for its ecletic creativity, Bulgari started to create a name for itself in the 1960’s with the unusual combination of colored gemstones, heavy gold and forms inspired in the Greco Roman Classicism, the 19th century Roman school of goldsmiths and the Italian Renaissance.

By the 1970s, Bulgari’s innovative style had gained success with celebrities. Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly are some divas who immortalized Bulgari’s jewelry.

design-limited-edition-fineart-the-art-of-Bulgari-La-Dolce-Vita-&-Beyond-elizabeth-taylorSophia Lorendesign-limited-edition-fineart-the-art-of-Bulgari-La-Dolce-Vita-&-grace-kelly
The Art of Bulgari, La Dolce Vita & Beyond exhibit is a celebration of luxury jewelry design, something definitely worth seeing.