Nature, its forms and functions inspired Forest, an exotic piece. With the intention to reinterpret the outdoors and bring it inside, the structure of this cabinet is made of wood, which is then layered with stainless steel and an overlay of a stylized black lacquer branch fretwork. The base is carved from mahogany and the interior is compartmentalized with angling shelves covered in gold leaf finished with a translucent orange high gloss varnish.

"home modern decoration" Forest  Forest  home modern decoration

Forest is of course handmade and individually numbered, guaranteeing that it is an authentic collector’s piece.

"forest" Forest  Forest  forest 00

We have been solidly building our design pieces through innovation by incorporating the idea of transformation and reinvention. Giving preciousness to banal use of furniture, day-to-day or common materials carries not only the creativity of this piece, but also distinctly Boca do Lobo characteristics – the colors, the mixtures of materials, the creative chaos, and the triumph of the simple solutions.

"forest" Forest  Forest  forest 02

Marco Costa’s sculptural Forest creates contemporary allusions to traditional methods of cabinet making, evoking a nostalgic sense of the familiar while simultaneously distorting these antiquated forms with his fresh approach to materials and technique.

"forest" Forest  Forest  forest 03

This particular work is based on illusion of vision and surprise. Marco strives to create dynamic pieces that appear weightless, but without sacrificing design, imploring fascination and astonishment. Forest is equally structural and conceptual.

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This design constitutes perfect examples of his style with our fine materials, timeless lines and faultless finishing. Marco’s utmost level of both skill and imagination combines to create exceptionally objects like Forest that is sophisticated and finely crafted.

"forest-contemporary-cabinet-exclusive-furniture" Forest  Forest  forest contemporary cabinet exclusive furniture 05

This cabinet was made by the exceptional workshop of Mr. Cosme, an expert in period furniture and the designs of some of the great makers. Forest is highly regarded and Mr. Cosme specializes in producing the finest quality hand-carved furniture. The quality of craftsmanship is outstanding and understandably attracts clients worldwide.

"forest-contemporary-cabinet-exclusive-furniture" Forest  Forest  forest contemporary cabinet exclusive furniture 06

Working very closely with Marco, Mr. Cosme has created this piece and is pleased to welcome enquiries for bespoke finishes, scaling and designs. Requests are welcomed for unusual contemporary interpretations of period designs of any period.

"forest-contemporary-cabinet-exclusive-furniture" Forest  Forest  forest 01

The Creators

Marco Costa

Working on this project, I was inspired by particular materials, which has brought me to develop this piece of furniture. And it is a great pleasure working with Mr. Cosme. He always crafts my designs to the utmost perfection.

Sr. Cosme

I am constantly investigating new possibilities in furniture making, forming bridges and dialogues where the exchange of information is also a source of inspiration. My eternal ambition is the high quality and artisanal craftsmanship that goes into every work of mine.