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The second Condé Nast International Luxury Conference will examine the luxury industry in Korea as well as its neighbours, China and Japan. Technology, a youthful population, a strong beauty market, and dynamic pop culture are all coming together to create the world’s next big luxury hub. Are you ready to know more about it?

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Launched in 2015 in Florence, the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference is a unique event from the most exciting and influential multimedia company in the world. The conference draws on the collective influence of Condé Nast International’s publications, and the vision and knowledge of the world’s most renowned fashion journalist, Suzy Menkes, International Vogue Editor.

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The conference includes a formal on-stage programme of creative and business speakers, as well as social events of the highest calibre, enabling attendees to make the most of their time through learning, participating and expanding their network.

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The 2016 conference will focus on the future of luxury, and the role of Northeast Asia as a new hub for fashion. The event is supported by the City of Seoul.

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“As a centre for Korea’s growing luxury fashion industry, I am really pleased to support next year’s event. Holding the 2016 Condé Nast International Luxury Conference will be a cornerstone in the continued development of Seoul as a global fashion hub.” – PARK WON-SOON, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF SEOUL
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Suzy Menkes writes for all 19 international Vogue websites, reaching 38.2 million unique users in 13 languages across the globe.
Condé Nast International
Condé Nast International
Frank, fearless and free from editorial constraints, she has built a reputation for having a strong and independent point of view.
Condé Nast International
Suzy brings to her worldwide audience a deep knowledge, experience and love of fashion. Menkes invented the luxury conference concept in 2001, and has successfully hosted forums featuring speakers including creative directors and business leaders such as Karl Lagerfeld, Tory Burch, Antoine Arnault and Jony Ive. Join her as she turns the luxury world’s spotlight on Seoul and Northeast Asia in 2016.

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