Game of Thrones Writing Instrument Collection by Montegrappa

With gripping storylines and engaging twists of death, survival, nobility, war, reclamation and more, Game of Thrones has kept us hooked to it with the might that surmounts even the strongest adhesive. Capitalizing on the unending popularity of the GOT saga is celebrated pen manufacturer- Montegrappa that recently unveiled a remarkable collection of writing instruments, inspired by the latter. Now for those with a writing penchant and an incurable GOT addiction, this is certainly news is to die for. With four editions, each representing the main houses of the HBO hit series, the collection promises to be as thrilling as its muse (or at least near to it).

game of thronesTo represent the intricacies and complexities of the Iron Throne itself, Montegrappa’ s artisans have fashioned a cap formed of overlapping swords representing the seven kingdoms. Their hilts rise above the cap’s top to create a crown, the pommels, and blades running the length of the cap itself. Standing proud is a sword that serves as the pocket clip, its hilt bearing a fiery red ruby.

game of thronesAt the cap’s top, surrounded by the swords’ hilts, is the Game of Thrones logo. The pen’s barrel, a truly virtuous artwork fashioned in precious metal with the lost-wax casting technique, represents the saga through symbols evocative of the houses, from dragons to stags. Details of the pen are enriched with Flaming White celluloid.

game of thronesThe Iron Throne Pen is a limited edition to 300 fountain pens and 300 rollerball pens in Sterling Silver with Vermeil accents, denoting the year of settlement of the last of the Targaryen Kings (300AC). 7 exclusive fountain and 7 rollerball pens cast in solid 18k Gold represent the number of Kingdoms. The fountain pen is piston fed, with nib traditionally made in 18k gold, engraved with the image of the throne itself.

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game of thrones



Montegrappa has also the Baratheon edition in charcoal black, further accented with contrasting yellow gold. Featuring a stag head on the clip and the “Our Is the Fury” motto on the cap, the pen is an enchanting pick with a fleur-de-lis pattern.

game of thrones

For the Lannister version, the pen dons a red body accentuated with detailing’s such as a lion-headed clip and the “Hear Me Roar” motto in yellow gold, all done in a floral Tudor Rose pattern.

game of thronesNext in line is the Stark edition which comes in a silvery-white hue with palladium trims conveying winter. Complete with a direwolf’s head on the pocket clip and the motto “Winter is Coming”, the pen further dons a runic symbol for extra charm.

game of thrones

Lastly, we have the Targaryen Montegrappa that comes in a metallic red against a coal-black background. Presented in a delicate filigree pattern, the pen features a dragon’s head on the clip with the “Fire and Blood” legend engraved atop.


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