Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

After a strict pause in 2020, the hospitality industry is back in the game with renewed attention to sustainability and well-being. Since last year, the world has been presented with exceptional new Hotels, Restaurants, and Spa projects around the world that have redefined the Guest Experience with new strategies. Striking interiors with authentic characters play a differentiating role in this new era of Hospitality Design, as does the reinvention of spaces to suit the modern lifestyle, and integrating local experiences to allow travelers to truly connect with the destination. As the industry is experiencing a revival, inspiration is key.

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Boca do Lobo presents a collection of design-led hotelsrestaurants, and spas that function both as social hubs and platforms for extraordinary experiences. We present this series of carefully curated Hospitality Interiors that provide an individualized look at the modern hospitality narrative. This book explores in detail the new hospitality interior design trends that launch the pillars of a Changing World and sets itself as a source of inspiration for Interior Designers by exploring different styles and concepts.

Reception Areas: First impressions matter

A hotel reception is a place of particular value. It is here where the first (and last) contact of the guest with the facility takes place. It is critical to make sure that visitors get a positive first impression. Every detail matters when it comes to making sure the reception area efficiently serves and pleasantly surprises guests.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

The design should be expressive and convey a strong character but not for the price of overwhelming the guests with any unnecessary excess. Comfort and functionality are essential to make guests feel even more comfortable than at home. Materials usually include stone, wood, ceramics, glass, and concrete.

Heritage Sideboard

Lobbies: A vibrant social hub

A Lobby is no longer a vacant waiting area, as hotels are no longer just a place to sleep. Hotel Lobbies are being reimagined as vibrant social hubs, a place to socialize and, above all, engage. Stepping into a perfectly designed space filled with beautiful artwork and elegant furniture signifies a guest is about to have an amazing stay.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

In fact, there may be no greater indicator of a hotel’s quality than the lobby. But should be integrated into the design so travelers can easily connect to Wi-Fi, use mobile or kiosk check-in, and engage with other technologies. A hotel lobby must be conceived as a destination point for both modern travelers and locals.

Lapiaz Oval Center Table

Bar | Lounges: A space adapted to a new generation

The perfect Hotel Lounge is a place to enjoy a drink while surrounded by a spectacular ambiance that is mentioned in every travel guide as one of the best spots to visit in the city by modern travelers. The Hotel Lounge is no longer a stuffy place for solo business travelers.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

The biggest change in bar design is making the bar a more prominent part of the lobby. In fact, more and more hotels are emphasizing the bar as the leading element of the lobby and the anchor of a hotel’s public space. Key elements when designing a lobby include modern technology. Furniture options at hotel bars can include lounge chairs, barstools, and traditional tables and chairs.

Metamorphosis Snooker Table

Restaurants: Creating Memorable Experiences

Apart from a great menu, a restaurant must be able to create a memorable experience overall for its visitors. Modern restaurants have carefully designed entrance seen from the street that provides a centralized view of the entire restaurant.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

Inside, you can create a pleasant atmosphere by including modern lighting fixtures, artwork, greenery, statement furniture, and surprising elements that will set the restaurant apart from others. It could be blending the space seamlessly into the surrounding landscape or including local elements in the design and general experience. Many hotel brands have invested in eye-catching modern designs paired with incredible tasting experiences signed by Michelin-starred chefs.

Pietra Oval XL Nero Marquina Dining Table
Pietra Oval XL

“The Goal Is To Create Memorable Experiences That Resonate With Modern Lifestyle.”

Suites: A home away from home

Design-oriented hotel suites are the most common inspiration hunting ground for residential projects when it comes to creating outstanding master bedrooms. When designing a hotel suite, comfort and technology are keyWho Doesn’t Love The Feeling Of A Soft, Freshly Made-Hotel Bed?

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

Pair those elements with a large bathroom and walk-in closet specially designed as well-being-focused spaces for pampering guests and voilà… The master bedroom of dreams is born. A hotel suite is a home away from home, and therefore it must be even more welcoming than home. Statement furniture like iconic luxury safes is an unexpected element that will surprise the Modern Guest.

Hera Pendant

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Bathrooms: Create Wellness Retreats

Just like the Hotel Suite, luxury hotel bathrooms are ofter wellness retreats that set the example for residential bathrooms. While creating a luxurious, wellness-focused experience may be the common goal for these spaces, when designing hotel bathrooms the starting point is usually the overall story the hotel’s design is telling.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

Guests want to be surprised and charmed, and creating that experience is all about the details. Use sliding glass doors to bring natural light into these spaces. Choose walk-in showers with oversized shower heads and statement freestanding bathtubs, with brass and marble accessories. Overall, creating spa-inspired bathrooms remains a common standard when designing Hotel Bathrooms. It’s all about impressing guests and creating that “wow” moment.

Diamond Bathtub

Hallways & Corridors: A seamless transition from public to private areas

Hotel hallways and corridors may not seem like the most important spaces to consider in a hotel interior design project. However, they present another opportunity to convey the hotel’s design story by providing a seamless transition from the lobby to the hotel suite.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

Corridors are the natural extension of the hotel suite and must provide a cohesive style and ambiance. Adorn a hotel corridor with statement floors, some artwork exhibited in beautiful displays, and luxurious art pieces like marble consoles and statement mirrors with intricate details. The result is the perfect transition from public to private areas.

Pietra Console

Spas: Re-connecting with nature

Spas are often associated with luxury and are now considered a necessary element in hotel interior design. Spas must provide distinctive and inspirational experiences to guests who demand originality and a strong character from luxury hotels.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

These spaces are often designed to allow natural light inand connections to the outdoor spa areasgardens, or even a roof terrace. Therefore the spa’s sitting is crucial. Luxury spa design is no longer formal and minimalist. Instead, the focus is creating welcoming retreats designed to appeal to all the senses, that are all about comfort, relaxation, and reconnecting with nature.

Offices | Meeting Rooms: The modern creative hub

Office and meeting rooms are places for creativity to flow and collaboration to bloom. This has led to different design requirements, including the need for more comfortable, stylized furniture and advanced technology solutions. The basic categories to have in mind when designing an office are seating, work surfaces, collaborative equipment, acoustics, and privacy.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

Adding some artwork and decorative accessories, as well as the right lighting fixtures will create a more welcoming feel in the room. The central piece of an office is the deskPair the table with an ergonomic leather office chair for maximum comfort, and the modern luxury office is born.

Empire Nero Marquina Desk

Kids’ Lounges: A magical world of self-expression

Kids’ lounges are play areas designed to stimulate creativity and provide fun by allowing children to experience a magical world of their own. These spaces must be colorful and functional and include some eye-catching statement designs to provide a little extra stimulation to adventurous minds.

Get Inspired By These Amazing Ideas For Hospitality Design

From airplane beds, rocket armchairs, and hot air balloons to sleeping cars and playhouses, in the next pages, you will find the most creative ideas to design outstanding kids’ lounges.

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