No color expresses more power and luxury than Gold. This color is the most sentimental accent pieces of the Limited Edition Collection like this Gold Folding Screen. Gold is one of the color themes that best represents the essence of empowerment, sophistication, mystics, and enticement, which is implicit in every single piece of our collections and strongly transmitted in our brand philosophy.

"limited edition pieces "

One simply does not buy any of these traces of character – they must be earned through presence, seduction and capture. And we own these every time someone falls in love with a piece from our collections; with every second, minute, and hour of attention that is dedicated to them.

"limited edition pieces"

Boca do Lobo symbolizes tendency, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship, and has developed into an internationally renowned designer label over the past years. We use the application of golden leaf, a technique that has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years and we still do it by hand.

"limited edition pieces"

The application of golden leaf is the technique of hammered gold and one of the oldest in wood decoration. There is a great tradition with several craft pieces of excellent craftsmanship. The use of gold leaf can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptian times. Five thousand years ago, Egyptian artisans recognized the extraordinary durability and malleability of gold and became the first goldbeaters and gilders. They pounded gold using a round stone to create the thinnest leaf possible. Except for the introduction of a cast iron hammer and a few other innovations, the tools and techniques have remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

"limited edition pieces"

By using golden leaf we recover these stories of passion that evoke unique moments of rare opulence. This technique has been a part of ancient art. Possession of furniture with gold leafing symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It was a status symbol in those ancient times. However, it is not as thin as it is now. This is probably one of the reasons why stored pieces of artifacts with gold leafing still have quality, beauty, and durability. Other precious metals can also be used, but the value of gold is by far the highest of all. This inspired our present furniture makers who adopted the concept of gold leafing. Our master artisan for this technique applies genuine gold, silver, imitation gold and copper leaf to our furniture.


A golden age is a period in a field of endeavor when great tasks were accomplished. The term originated from early Greek and Roman poets who used to refer to a time when mankind lived in a better time and was pure. To celebrate the Golden Age, our talented designers and masterful artisans have created highly desirable new statement pieces that are jewelry for the home.

"gold folding screen" 

Innovative yet sublime, Gold, a folding screen with three tabs, is a piece of art designed in a true Boca do Lobo style. Reminiscent of a group of pebbles forming a sculptural like composition at the bottom of a river, this ultra lux screen is fashioned from nineteen pieces of fiberglass filled with expandable polyurethane and finished in gold leaf with a high gloss varnish. Invest in Gold and experience the sense of the regal that comes with it. It will always be classic and luxurious.

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