Have An Exclusive James Bond Experience

Have a James Bond experience -Seductive, fascinating, dangerous. To celebrate the latest movie of James Bond-  Specter,  we propose you as your next destination, Great Britain, James Bond’s and his creator’s Ian Fleming land. There is no other place that can make you feel like the most famous secret agent in the world.

Have An Exclusive James Bond Experience

Climb on one’s of London’s symbols

If you remember the scene from “The world Is not enough” where after a speedboat chase through Tamigi, it ends with Bond clinging to a hot air balloon hovering above the Millennium Dome in London (which today is known as O2) Now you can live your personal Bond style experience, thanks to Up at the O2, an unforgettable climbing up to the top of this iconic symbol of the city. You can admire the spectacular view of London, before ending this experience with an exciting landing.

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 Have a taste of James Bond’s cocktail

“I will never again drink cocktail before dinner, it should be abundant, strong, iced and prepared with extreme care” Certainly Bond has clear ideas on how to make a cocktail. We suggest you to take a pause and try an aperitif at Dukes Bar in London, Ian Fleming’s favorite bar and his inspiration source for his famous quote “ Shaken but not stirred”. Have a taste of classic vodka, a gin martini or Vesper Martini or the new Fleming 89, created to remember the link between Dukes Bar and James Bond.

Dine like James Bond

Scott’s in London’s Mayfair, was one of the favorite restaurants of Ian Fleming and we are certain that, thanks to its refined ,elegant and sophisticated fish based menu , today James Bond would dine willingly in this place. In London you will find all kinds of restaurants, but if you want to dine like James Bond choose classics places such as the famous The Ivy and Nobu.Dress like James Bond

Today James Bond would almost be ninety years old (based on novels whose protagonist, was born in 1924) and its role has been played by six different actors; however, thanks to its classic style, his image is always present. If you want to buy stylish clothes from fine luxury brands, that Bond would certainly be proud to wear, we suggest you take a break at Saville Row in London, where you will find everything from tuxedos (Gieves & Hawkes) up to modern and practical clothing (Ozwald Boateng ).bl-private-collection-750

Transform yourself into the James Bond woman for a day

We all know that the real star of all Jams Bond movies is the famous Bond Girl. For an original day, stop off at the ‘Augill Castle in Cumbria for a Bond Girl Challenge. Express the Pussy Galore in you while you learn how to survive in the great outdoors and shootings, how to let yourself down with a rope from the tower of the castle, or how to get dressed to kill and prepare cocktails. If you prefer to be a Bond girl in the city, try the Special Agent’s Hen Event where a mysterious person in charge of the missions will challenge you assigning extremely difficult tasks.

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Admire James Bond’s favorite car

If for you the most exciting aspect of the James Bond movies are the unmistakable powerful and skillful car chases, you’ll appreciate the Beaulieu National Motor Museum in Hampshire. In fact the museum, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the film series dedicated to James Bond, has set the BOND IN MOTION, the largest exhibition in the world of official vehicles used by the famous movie character.

lx-wall-750have an exclusive james bond experience carRelease tension and relax in 007 style
Espionage is extremely challenging, therefore once terminated the mission, the agent 007 and his Bond girl can take a relaxing short break. The luxury Connaught Hotel  is perfect for James Bond lovers. Luxurious amenities, stunning views, a spa,  the perfect refuge to the world of James Bond, very suitable for a mini-vacation. Alternatively you can enjoy a relaxing break in the luxurious spa of Luton Hotel, resumed in some scenes of the movie “The World Is Not Enough” and “Never say never.have an exclusive james bond experience hotel experience

So in the end we offer you some ideas, now you are the ones to choose which ones are the ideal for an unforgettable Bond experience.  Share with us your comments and read more articles here .

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