High jewelry design: Bulgari’s new collection

Bulgari is celebrating its 130th anniversary with the launch of a new high jewelry collection.

The MVSA High Jewellery collection was presented in Paris this tuesday, in an event filled with stars which took place at the Apicius.

Precious gemstones interlace with gold and diamonds to create unique jewelry pieces. Bulgari’s colorful, sophisticated touch shines once again, giving continuity to the luxury brand’s history.




























Bulgari’s designs are gorgeous! We’re in love with them.

To celebrate this landmark, the italian jewelry maker is also promoting other events which can be followed on the luxury brand’s special comemorative microsite.

Bulgari is also looking to give back to its community with a $2 million pledge to restore Rome’s Spanish Steps, after Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi asked for private investors to help maintain monuments throughout the country.