Highlights from Design Miami

Design Miami is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce.

Highlights from Design Miami

This edition was amazing and had a lot of novelties, so that we’re here today to present you the highlights of Design Miami 2015, are you ready?

Boca do Lobo | Limited Edition

1. The Entrance

In a collaboration between Design Miami/ and Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), the UNBUILT pavilion champions unrealized designs that would otherwise never see the light of day (Miami Design District).

Highlights from Design Miami

The student team behind this year’s pavilion commission highlights important manifestations of their emerging skills, research, and design imagination by featuring a range of experimental and speculative projects designed by members of the GSD community.

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2. Design Visionary | Yves Béhar

And the award for Design Visionary goes to … Yves Béhar!

Inaugurated in 2014, Design Miami’s Design Visionary Award is a program that celebrates significant contributions made to the field of design. Designer Yves Béhar has been named the recipient of the 2015 Design Visionary Award presented by Panerai.

Highlights from Design Miami

He is being acknowledged for his holistic design vision and for the substantial impact he has made through humanitarian projects such as the INDEX-award winning One Laptop Per Child and See Better To Learn Better.

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3. 38 Beams | Olson Kundig Architects

Bringing what they call “a northwest sensibility to this international event,” Olson Kundig Architects crafted the Collector’s Lounge for Design Miami/ visitors by putting together exactly what the installation says: 38 mid-century glulam timbers. OKA’s Alan Maskin designed the installation so the stacked walls define spaces for, well, lounging.

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But 38 Beams is also a venue for talks taking place during the five-day fair and the project Designing Miami: Celebrating Ten Years. A light-tube chandelier designed by LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA hovers over the 38 beams, its cool blue glow contrasting with the warmth of the wood.

highlights-design-miami (6)

Even as the beams were salvaged from a building in Los Angeles, they will find a use after Design Miami/ when they are donated to the University of Kansas’s Studio 804 program for one of their design/build projects.

Delightfull | Essentials Collection

4. Thinning Ice | Jeanne Gang (Studio Gang Architects)

Swarovski has been involved with Design Miami/ almost since its inception, and for its ninth contribution the crystal company tapped Chicago’s Jeanne Gang to create “an immersive experience that draws attention to the melting polar ice cap,” per a statement from Swarovski.

Highlights from Design Miami

Gang collaborated with filmmaker and nature photographer James Balog, founder of the Extreme Ice Survey, which documents climate change progress via time-lapse cameras stationed in Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica and other icy locations.

Highlights from Design Miami

This experience took place in the middle of the room-sized installation is Gang’s glacier-like table that is punctured with voids – some of them lined with crystal – meant to evoke the melt water thaw holes of thinning ice. Balog’s photos and videos wrap the walls.

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Together the installation intends to spur revelers to consider the effects of receding ice sheets even as the temperature outside tops 80˚F (27˚C).

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5. Naihan Li | I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV

One of Design Miami/’s most arresting design pieces – and most expensive at USD$120,000 – is Chinese artist Naihan Li’s wardrobe, a 1/100-scale wood model of OMA’s CCTV Tower. The piece is the first contribution to the fair by Gallery ALL, which describes it as follows: “The CCTV Tower, shaped like a loop of video in endless production, has been turned into a wardrobe, where the ritual of dressing and undressing can also be said to be an endless loop.”

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While Design Miami goes on Miami Beach on 7 December, the creation of “a neighborhood dedicated to innovative fashion, design, architecture and dining experiences” is just hitting its stride in mainland Miami.

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The Miami Design District describes itself further as “embod[ying] a singular dedication to the unity of design, fashion, art and architecture, and a commitment to encourage a neighborhood comprised of creative experiences.”.

Stay tuned for more Design Miami Highlights!

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