Highlights From London Craft Week 2019

Unfortunately, London Craft Week, one of the major annual events dedicated to the finest craftsmanship in the world, is already over. However, it is now time to remember the best of this year’s edition.

Once Upon a Time: A collaboration between Boca do Lobo and Vista Alegre

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019 (15)

Representing the Brand’s heritage, Boca do Lobo‘s Once Upon a Time Pixel Cabinet was showcased at the Portuguese Embassy headquarters during London Craft Week, alongside with some of the most wanted design pieces that together combine into the meaning of the timeless tradition of bespoke and exceptional Craftsmanship.

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Once Upon a Time Pixel Cabinet at the Portuguese Embassy during London Craft Week, along with other brand novelties.

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Brought to life from the merging of the iconic Pixel cabinet by Boca do Lobo and the delicate hand painted porcelain by the renowned Vista Alegre, the exquisite bar cabinet Limited Edition truly seems to come from a dream or a fairy tale. A collectable design fully hand painted and it took 500 hours of hard work by the most talented master artisans. Each work of art can be customized with the future collector’s name.

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Iconic and unparalleled, Boca do Lobo‘s Pixel bar cabinet presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering design. It carries the dedication of those who built it to craft an avant-garde furniture piece that is authentic, playful and a perfect match for the digital age. A timeless combination of mirror and blue velvet on its interior, featuring three drawers.

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Fortnum & Mason x Cockpit Arts: Form + Line

In Fortnum and Mason, the visitors could explore an incredible and curated showcase of handcrafted pieces from seven talented artists and makers. Featuring work by Cockpit Arts’, master artisans used a wide range of materials, such as precious metals, ceramics, leather, textiles and wood. Each breathtaking creation was brought to life in London.

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019
Eleanor Lakelin’s Vessels.

Working in a pared-down palette, each artist had its distinctive take on Form + Line: whether riffing on traditional ware, taking inspiration from city grids, revealing the secret patterns in Renaissance paintings or elevating jewellery into wearable sculpture.

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019
Hand sculpted Clay vessel decorated with Italian Leather discs.

The invited artists included: Ute Decker (Jewellery); Jo Hayes Ward (Jewellery); Leah Jensen (Ceramics); Eleanor Lakelin (Wood); Fflur Owen (Leather); Matthew Warner (Ceramics) and Majeda Clarke (Textiles). All the makers were in-store exhibiting their extraordinary pieces and answering questions. The exhibition will continue until Sunday, 19 May, so you still have a chance to admire it even now that London Craft Week is over. Don’t miss it!

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019

London Bronze Casting: The Collection at The Department Store

London Bronze Casting: The Collection was an amazing showcase of 25 artworks in bronze by contemporary artists and designers, hosted by Squire & Partners at The Department Store. The works, which include “Slave” by Toby Ziegler, “The Astronomer” by Studio Toogood and “Power Object (Section 1 No.1)” by Thomas J Price, share a cohesion: all of them are intricate, innovative castings that push the boundaries of standard artwork produced at a foundry.

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019

An exclusive artist forum event on Thursday 9 May featured Thomas J Price, Marlene Huissoud, Bo Lanyon, Rocco Turino and Tim Gledstone discussing their work with curator Tom Winstanley, and included a performance by Lunatraktors playing 22 ¾ by Alla Malova. This exclusive event unravelled how these distinct artists approach the craft of the foundry to inform, develop and create their work, and was followed by a unique opportunity to meet the talented artists and craftsmen of London Bronze Casting for a Q&A with drinks.

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019

Head, Hand & Heart: A Celebration of Creativity and Making at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

In this year’s edition of London Craft Week, visitors could join writer Charlotte Abrahams in conversation with Franco Ceccotti, founder of Ceccotti Collezioni. From its base in the Tuscan town of Cascina, they were able to discover how this world-renowned company creates pieces of furniture that are considered ‘functional pieces of art’, talk that was followed by an incredible Design Discovery Tour.

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019

Art and design enthusiasts were able to understand why the respect for traditional artisanal techniques and makers’ passion and curiosity, together with an openness to innovation and collaboration, is at the heart of this creative approach. The Design Discovery Tour allowed us to explore the most precious skills and great efforts that elevate craftsmanship to a luxury standard.

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, the world’s leading design centre, is celebrated as an international hub for creative excellence. With 120 showrooms and over 600 global names, on every floor, there are designs filled with originality and invention. All are celebrated for their quality, creativity, exquisite craftsmanship and technical ability. Details such as immaculate materials and finishes are breathtaking to admire up close, and in this increasingly fast-paced world, visitors can still experience these exceptional pieces in person as well as seek out expertise in the showrooms. Countless companies also create tailor-made pieces for it.

Peckham Craft Show: An Annual Celebration of Modern Craft

This event was a celebration of over 50 makers with three individual elements: showcase, shop and series of workshops. These mesmerizing objects were exhibited, whilst workshops took place within the gallery. The exhibition was a curated selection of the most extraordinary makers’ pieces. The 50 makers involved included tapestry weaver Christabel Balfour, woodblock printer Louisa Loakes and ceramicists Hannah Bould and Lily Pearmain.

Highlights From London Craft Week 2019

Workshops were hosted by talented craftsmen in the exhibition space. From natural dying to still-life drawing, the gallery is always alive with the hum of conversations and crafting. The main workshop space was in a semi-private area of the gallery, allowing for quiet while still letting visitors walk around and see what’s happening behind the scenes. Some workshops were even free to take part in. The shop allowed visitors to take a handmade piece home. The event was organized by two south-east London master artisans, Chloe Phelps and Rachael Pilston.

Stay with us to find out more about the best of contemporary art, design and craftsmanship.

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