Historic Conference Tables

Conference tables are a crucial piece of furniture in the world of business. It’s where you meet with clients or partners and take important decisions regarding a company or organization.

In the world of politics, however, conference tables witness more important and decisive moments. In the past, when politicians met around a conference table, decisions about the fate of a country where made, or important treaties were signed, changing the course of history.

Below, we are going to present you some of the most historic conference tables, and talk about the big moments that happened around them.

yalta_conference_table Historic Conference Tables Historic Conference Tables yalta conference table

yalta 2 Historic Conference Tables Historic Conference Tables yalta 2

Yalta Conference Table – The Big Three (United States, United Kingdom and the Soviet Union) came together to discuss postwar Europe and to talk about the re-establishment of all the countries that Germany had conquered.

President_Gerald_Ford_meets_with_his_Cabinet_June_25_-_1975 Historic Conference Tables Historic Conference Tables President Gerald Ford meets with his Cabinet June 25   19751

The oval conference table where President Ford met with 19 other people in 1975 to organize the Cabinet.

Closer_view_of_round_conference_table_from_above_taken_at_the_Potsdam_Conference_during_newly_elected_British_Prime Historic Conference Tables Historic Conference Tables Closer view of round conference table from above taken at the Potsdam Conference during newly elected British Prime

The Postdam Conference, also known as the Berlin Conference of the Three Heads of Government of the USSR, USA and UK, was held around this round historic conference table in Cecilienhof, to decide how to administer punishment to the defeated Nazi Germany.

1911_Solvay_conference Historic Conference Tables Historic Conference Tables 1911 Solvay conferenceAround this conference table was held the first Solvey Conference, in 1911, to discuss the preeminent open problems in both physics and chemistry.