Incredible Woodwork Artisans at London Craft Week 2016

Take a tour through the world of London Craft Week 2016 and discover the makers responsible for some of the best and exclusive masterpieces in the art of crafting. Anastasya Martynova, Annette Friedrich, Ben Hymers, Billy Lloyd and Chris Keenan are the names and faces behind one of the best arts and crafts events in London.

Incredible Woodwork Artisans at London Craft Week 2016Anastasya Martynova (b. 1982, Moscow, Russia) lives and works in London. Her artistic practice includes illustration, sculpture, gilding and wood carving. Anastasya completed a three-year diploma in Historic Woodcarving and Gilding at City & Guild of London Art School, where she was awarded a Grinling Gibbons Scholarship by the Drapers’ Company and the William Wheeler Prize for Outstanding Work. With a long background in art direction, set design and graphics for BBC, she has moved on to pursue her own artistic practice, with special interest in combining traditional techniques and craftsmanship with contemporary materials and ideas. She is one of the artists you can find in London Craft Week 2016.

Incredible Woodwork Artisans at London Craft Week 2016Annette served a traditional apprenticeship in Leipzig, Germany and studied with Prof. Mechthild Lobisch, in the Conceptual Book Art department at Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design, Halle, between 1998 and 2004. Annette moved to London in 2005 and set up a studio of her own in East London in 2009, where she focuses on her work as a designer bookbinder. Her work is held in public and private collections.  Annette is a founding member of the artists’ collaboration club mantel and very active in their cross-discipline ventures and exhibition projects. She was elected a Fellow of DB in 2012.

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Ben Hymers is Dovecot’s Apprentice Tapestry Weaver. His apprenticeship will last three years during which time he will learn the traditional skills of tapestry weaving. Hymers hopes to build a relationship with the cultural and historical traditions of artist craftsmanship at Dovecot whilst developing a personal, creative identity. Ben is part of the evolving lineage at Dovecot of this highly skilled and beautiful art form.

Incredible Woodwork Artisans at London Craft Week 2016Billy Lloyd is an award-winning potter specialising in thrown tableware, practicing from his studio at Iliffe Yard, Kennington. Having graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, followed by a four year apprenticeship with acclaimed potter Julian Stair, Billy has developed an innovative & ambitious style of working, marking him out as an emerging star in the pottery sector. Billy’s deep understanding of materials & process leads him to craft functional pieces with a simple, refined colour palette, that he produces by hand in meticulously detailed small runs. A practitioner of exceptional skill, Billy pushes the boundaries of his craft to explore how it can be beautifully & practically applied in domestic, public & commercial contexts.

Incredible Woodwork Artisans at London Craft Week 2016“There are few things that offer me greater satisfaction than being at the wheel, throwing or turning. My work and knowledge of clay occupies a fairly narrow band of the extremely broad ceramic spectrum but that band does go deep. I have only ever used porcelain and for the most part, only two glazes. I largely make work in small batches and for these, repetition is key; but the word “repetition” belies the reality that each piece represents a separate examination of the form in question and is a nuanced response to a previous incarnation.” The words of Chris Keenan reveals the passion for the art of ceramic. Several Museums including the V&A in London, the Ashmolean in Oxford and the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, Japan hosts some of the artist works.

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David Mendietta comes from the Basque Country near Bilbao, where his original craft training was in metalwork, using lathes and milling machines. However, he has always had an affinity with wood, and after being introduced to woodcarving realized that he had found his vocation. He worked in a traditional joinery shop for many years, carving in his spare time, but being self-taught he became frustrated by his progress. Finding out about the Historic Woodcarving Diploma at the City & Guilds of London Art School was a revelation, and he made the difficult decision to leave his home in order to enroll on the course and follow his vocation. David graduated in 2015, and since then has been making a living as a professional woodcarver, living and working in London.

Incredible Woodwork Artisans at London Craft Week 2016Bookbinder Hayley Andrew is currently based at Barnard & Westwood fine printers and bookbinders. With a background in Fine Art and Photography, Hayley was immediately drawn to the highly tactile and exacting nature of book and box making.

Using a combination of historical and contemporary skills, she crafts fine bindings and bespoke one-off pieces using a range of materials and premium leathers. Projects range from book restoration using traditional hand gold-tooling through to commissions that combine both cutting-edge print technology and bookbinding techniques. Alongside her work at Barnard & Westwood, Hayley has recently completed an advanced Fine Binding course to further develop her craft.

Incredible Woodwork Artisans at London Craft Week 2016

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