Irland Announces Its First Luxury Train

Luxury on the rails: Belmond Grand Hibernian going to be first luxury overnight rail experience of its kind in Ireland with fantastic tour plans of countryside, dramatic coasts and the cities of both Northern and Southern Ireland, including the train’s Dublin base, Belfast and Cork. Departing from Dublin, journeys take you to the must-see sights and hidden gems of the Emerald Isle.

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Fay Lejeune and Simon Pielow of the Luxury Train Club say: “Now is Ireland’s time, a Celtic awakening in the modern era. What better way to celebrate your Irish roots or to imbibe the very essence of the Emerald Isle than by travelling on the Belmond Grand Hibernian?”

This luxury train going to have accommodation for 40 quests, in 20 gracious cabins, featured four interconnecting suites to accommodate families, two restaurant cars and an observation bar car.IrelandLuxuryTrain6

IrelandLuxuryTrain7Interior design of the train is being undertaken by James Park Associates with the inspiration from Ireland’s ancient folklore and traditions, the cabins will remember you of the country’s cultural heritage with contemporary furniture. IrelandLuxuryTrain2

Brimming with Irish charm, the train’s beautiful cabins mix modern luxury with traditional design.  Bedroom interiors of the cabins are created with the inspiration of  colours of the countryside and named after Irish counties. Here, the Waterford Cabin.

IrelandLuxuryTrain3Prices will start from $4,470 per person for the two-night journey and $6,890 per person for the four-night journey, fully inclusive including all meals, drinks, entertainment and excursions. If you want to have such a luxury experience in summer 2016; do not think twice, booking is open now!