iSaloni Milan 2016 – l’interpretazione del classico

We have news from iSaloni Milan 2016! Creativity, art, design, crafts and cinema relate the actuality of the Classic. Objective: “wonder”, the sort of classical wonder that breaks all conventions, through time and space, becoming an inalienable spur for building a new lifestyle, a new world, a new future. Thus, the iSaloni 2016 showcases the Classic.

iSaloni Milan 2016An exhibition event and a short film signed by a leading Italian filmmaker, one of the best of the last few years, brought together under the artistic direction of Studio Ciarmoli Queda, tell the story of the Classic, understood as a cross-cutting category of living, traversing the various eras while preserving its own constant actuality. The exhibition described by Simone Ciarmoli.

iSaloni Milan 2016Milano pays special homage to what came before “true” design: the Classic. A different concept of the classical, resting not simply on the past but impacting powerfully on the present, laying the foundations for a new vision of the future. The exhibition-event tells the story of classic Made in Italy taste, seen as a crosscutting category of inhabitation, timeless and therefore highly contemporary.

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Boca do Lobo | Lamps CollectionThis amazing Trade-Show, iSaloni, has entrusted the narration of the multiple lives of the classical – a style drawn from history and our great taste and cultural heritage – to the creative vision of the Ciarmoli Queda practice, based in Milano, with its international experience of major projects linked to architecture, interior design, the visual arts and artistic direction.

iSaloni Milan 2016Inside the exhibition space – 800 m2 inside the Salone – Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda have conceived a multisensory layout, with huge freedom of expression and great rigour, for displaying the different components of classic design taste in its unswerving topicality, its balance between yesterday and today, between the memory of things past and a powerful inclination towards contemporary art.

iSaloni Milan 2016Luxxu | Suspension LampsAn integral part of the exhibition event is a short film by Matteo Garrone, one of the most highly esteemed Italian filmmakers of the last few years, who accepted our invitation to bring his poetic and powerful perspective to the project with great enthusiasm.

iSaloni Milan 2016With photography by Nicolai Bruel, this short, daring and visionary film aims to express an idea of the classical, deliberately overturning all cultural barriers with dreamlike charm, evocative pictures, and glimpses into a future laid bare to the imagination.

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iSaloni Milan 2016Visit more exclusive design news in iSaloni at Hall 3, stand H24 !

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