James Dawson – An Australian Influence

James Dawson is best known as the ‘dark horse’ of the interior design industry. He keeps creating create unique, sophisticated and luxurious interior projects for his clients.

James Dawson

James’ work knows no boards and he is featured regularly in international and local publications. You can find him at top worldwide magazines: Belle, Vogue Living, Home Design, Grand Designs, Artichoke, Metropolitan Home Malaysia, Ukraine Décor, Architectural Digest and Coveted Magazine. He has won many interior design’s awards.


“Proving to be a game changer, James’ ballsy and unorthodox designs gives a high-level of detailing.”

— Metropolitan Home, Malaysia

James Dawson

James Dawson

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His talent descends from many Parisian influences. He has studied arts and interior architecture and it is undeniable that he naturally spots all things natural and beautiful characterizing each of his projects. Every single work features with life and vision and creates a deep emotional chord for his clients.

James Dawson

James Dawson was elected one of the Top 100 Iconic Design Names in the World. This was an homage to his natural ability for design and adaptive eye which ultimately makes him a one of a kind artist who can effortlessly connect interiors and people.See Also: 5 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better


With studies in a Bachelor of Arts (Interior Architecture), James defends the professionalism of the interior design industry and was involved in many public appearances regarding this topic. Each year he insists travel to Europe to research and learn: about new product designs, materials and processes.CovetED-James-Dawson-Dark-Horse-of-Interior-Design-Industry-living-spaces