Joel D’ Orazio – meditative exercise

Joel D’Orazio began his career as an architect, during 25 years that was his passion but recently he discovered his heart in art, painting on panels and creating mixed media works, sculpture, and digital art using found and donated objects.


3Black-Wrap-joel-dorazioThe images are unique, yet suggest the familiar forms of nature. Although the paintings are varied in color and composition, each image is part of a logical yet highly intuitive progression of work.

2Nina-Chair_Joel_DorazioEach work is an adventure and its identity becomes as valid and important as the next, originating in the subliminal a fresh encounter with the lush.

5Joel D'OrazioThe artist states: “My artistic vocabulary is devoid of obvious symbols and messages, I do not intend to tell a story or render a recognizable form. For me, the process of creating is a meditative exercise. Though the images are generated spontaneously, recurring themes of movement and form can be found. My three dimensional works will at times possess a sense of content or a relationship  to historical themes, though only in an abstract sense.”

6joel_dorazioJoel D’ Orazio incorporates new synthetic materials such as cables, tubes, and strings into the design of modern, and often iconic chairs. His instinct leads him to stay with their original shape but wrap them in a firm, expressive, and textured skin of various materials to create a new volumetric piece.



9Orange-dreadchair-joel_dorazioJoel D’Orazio transforms vintage furniture into artwork with a Dada gesture, marketable useless objects.