Legacy: Discover The Best Limited Edition Furniture Designs

Legacy is Boca do Lobo’s design and craftmanship testimony, designed especially to the ones that have been supporting the brand during all these years and to the ones that are entering in the world just recently. Inside you will find a mixture of descriptions, pictures behind the scenes, features, and testimonies, as well as a wide range of inspirations and limited edition furniture design, that we will present you above.

limited edition

This design magazine makes the tribute to all the manual arts that have been struggling not to disappear through the years. Boca do Lobo wanted it to be entertaining and of informative nature, at times contrasted, but above all useful.


limited edition

Eden Series Center Table

The Eden Series isn’t quite like anything seen before. Their organic shape a texture is influenced by trees and flora, with their unique form achieved through several manual processes delivered by an experienced team of craftsmen.


limited edition

Pixel Cabinet 

Pixel is an effort to honor the union between design and craftsmanship. The 1088 triangles that complete this piece carry the dedication and art of those who built it – with a diversity of finishes never seen before.


limited edition

Venice Mirror 

Through a passionate explosion of romance and drama, the Venice Mirror stirs emotion in anyone that catches its eye. Hand cut and carved by an experienced artisan, the Venice represents Boca do Lobo’s ambition to bring value to true craftsmanship through contemporary design.


Lapiaz Nightstand

Inspired by the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum, the Lapiaz Nightstand is characterized by the idea of an underground effluence where luxury flows.


limited edition

Metamorphosis Dining Table

This luxury dining table has come to symbolize the evolutionary history of life, representing the last stage of the cycle through the usage of sculpted fossils on display at the top of the table.


Symphony Sideboard

The Symphony Sideboard draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as the curves of a violin. Like all of Boca do Lobo’s designs, the Symphony is handmade by experienced craftsmen.


limited edition

Supernova Chandelier

Supernova Chandelier was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. The instant of a bright starburst that was suspended into a fascinating lighting design.


limited edition

Gold Folding Screen

Boca do Lobo’s talented designers and master artisans created this highly desirable statement piece that is jewelry for the home.


limited edition

Knox Safe

The Knox Safe represents an inviolable barrier between the world and your most valuable treasures.

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