Limited edition books: Exclusive photos of the Beatles by Ringo Starr

We love the Beatles. The Fab Four are a landmark in music history and a source of inspiration to many famous bands through the years. Though 40 years have passed since they split up The Beatles continue to influence generations of people and are still trending. So we couldn’t let this opportunity pass to share with you the limited edition  “Photograph” book by Ringo Starr where his incredible photography archives are revealed.

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Aside from being a music icon, Ringo Starr is also a passionate photographer. The ex-beatle has opened his archieves for this book which traces Starr’s life both in and out of the Beatles, consisting of a compilation of not just photos by the musician, but also of him, and personal materials.

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“There’s a lot of shots of “the boys” that only I could have taken. This is how we saw most of the world when it got big for The Beatles. You’ll find several of the shots in this book are from my point of view, looking out of a car window. That’s just how it was. You had to get to the gig, and then get away from the gig to wherever you were going next.’ ‘I like cameras and I like lenses. If you look at the Beatle photos, everybody’s carrying a camera.” says Ringo.

Limited edition books-Exclusive photos of the Beatles by Ringo Starr

“Photography” limited edition book is more than just a photography book – it is a peek through the keyhole of Ringo’s life. It includes hundreds of unseen photographs by Starr, not only of the band, but also of their travels, and some of his more experimental work.

Only 2500 will be available for purchase. Each copy is signed by Ringo Starr and is bound in leather, with gold blocking – a true collector object. The eternal Beatle is donating his royalties to the Lotus Foundation.

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