Limited Edition 24 Carat Magic To Your Legs

Ladies, get ready to change your mind about no-shaving this Winter! Take a look at this super exclusive: Limited Edition 24 Carat Magic To Your Legs!


limited edition

This limited edition rose gold, exclusively designed for women, shaving kit does not only include a Bruno Mars-approved razor. For a single purchase of $96, the set includes, an Oui Shave Gold Razor, a pack of 10 razor blades and 2oz Neroli or Lavan shave oil.


What makes this razor so special? According to Oui, the 24 carat magic razor blade is “engineered to be irritation-free”. It is designed as a precision tool that’s balanced and weighted to make shaving a pleasure for the mildest of female skin textures.

limited edtion

A razor that is built to last, it is specifically designed with the curves and angles of the female body in mind -as Oui says for the women “who want to show up for their lives- minus the razor burn”.


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limited edition

It is universally acknowledged that shaving is no pleasure for us females, we do it because we have to, not because we want to. Men, on the other hand, have a choice in the matter. So why would Oui Shave Gold Razor kit make you go against your natural inclination not to shave and make you want to shave? Well, it will be because the shave will make you feel good… because your legs will feel like they’ve been to a luxury spa without your feet ever leaving the house!


limited edition

Oui suggests that you shave with the $96 Gold Razor at the end of a warm shower when your skin and hair are soft. Apply 2-3 pumps of shave oil and spread over the desired area as it’s designed to be used on wet skin. Using no pressure (the razor is weighted stainless steel), allow the razor to glide over skin.


limited edition

This is the effect the Gold Razor kit will have on your mind and body apart from the secret pleasure of possessing a rose gold razor, darlings!

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