Limited Edition Center Table by Campana Brothers

‘Animal Center Table’ is the new star of Campana Brothers gallery. Inspired by discarded or mundane materials, this brand new wooden center table is a unique piece  where quality and skilled technique reaches a new level. A limited edition center table that can take our breath away and work like a bridge for something bigger: design changes everything.

Limited Edition Center Table by Campana Brothers
Limited Animal Center Table

Made in straw marquetry and polished brass, the ‘Animal Center Table’ is a reinterpretation of artistic and creative practices where tradition and innovation are combined.

Limited Edition Center Table in Gold by Campana Brothers

Brazillian designers solo exhibition ‘manufatura – manufacture in Portuguese -, at the carpenters workshop gallery, in Paris, reveals Humberto and Fernando Campana unique approach to objects and spaces. Everything can have a second life, or third, when creativity works.

A celebration of french marquetry master Jean-Michel Frank and Portuguese and Brazilian craftsmanship heritage, this unique wooden center table had her debut in ‘manufatura’ exhibition with other inspirational products as ‘Ofidia’, ‘Bolotas’ and ‘Detonado’ series.

Limited Edition Center Table by Campana Brothers
Handcrafted Center Table by Campana Brothers

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Unique Animal Center Table by Campana Brothers

Wondering where you can use this astonish center table? Modern Living room, bold home decors or clean spaces are perfect for hosting the animal center table. Your house gonna be wiser with a unique collection made by excellent carpenters.  Design continues to be elevated by the work of Humberto and Fernando Campanha brothers and it will continue this rising up walk as long as these designers create a dialogue between modernist influences and traditional materials.

Limited Edition Center Table by Campana Brothers
The Campana Brothers: Humberto and Fernando

The Campana studio was founded in 1983. Thirty-three years later, Humberto and Fernando brothers changed how we think design. Welcome, mundane materials, unusual shapes and bold spaces. Welcome, limited editions and unique pieces handmade in São Paulo, Brazil. The ‘Animal Center Table’ is the proof that luxurious collection can be made through special materials, featuring a patchwork of straw marquetry on its horizontal plane, organically shaped.

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