Limited Edition chairs: Plopp Copper by Oscar Zieta

Oscar Zieta created  a unique limited edition of 300 pieces named Ploop Copper. The collection is made of high gloss-polished Copper.  Copper Plopps are available at Moss Gallery in New York and at Karena Schuessler Gallery in Berlin.

Limited Edition chairs Plopp Copper by Oscar Zieta3

Among the materials popular with designers at the moment, copper undeniably is reaching pride of place. He used raw, as a simple finish or just for some little touch. Its glowing red colour is appreciated from every angles: vase, lamp, shelf, stool, chair.

Limited Edition chairs-Plopp Copper by Oscar Zieta

Material: copper | Colours: polished copper | Product group: Seating Stools open base with seat unpadded with three-leg base Designer: Oskar Zieta

Limited Edition chairs Plopp Copper by Oscar Zieta4

Oscar zieta initially started his work with a curiosity over whether steel could be inflated. Through his research work,  he began working with FIDU technology, which is a high pressure interior conversion process that allows him to make heavy steel material appear completely light.

Born in Poland in 1975, Oskar Zieta lives and works in Switzerland. He has the typical features of a boy from the East but he works with the same precision of the well known Swiss clocks.

Source: Design Gallerist