Limited Edition: DeLeon Anejo Premium Tequila

DeLeon Anejo Tequila is exclusive and premium tequila that was produced only by a wealthy Mexican family in Purisima del Rincon for decades. Their distribution network was also exclusive as the quantities produced were limited. It was only in 2008 that limited quantities of DeLeon Anejo became available in both New York and Los Angeles. It was their first foray in the US markets and the spirit was very well received by the discerning consumers.

DeLeon Anejo is double-distilled and aged in French barrels for 17 months to achieve its distinct “cognac-like” taste. It is the special touch and the differentiator for the exclusive spirit. Its packaging also highlights its exclusivity.  From its skulls and snakes decorative gold-cap to the thick French glass decanter, this tequila rocks royally with the attitude that is supported by its superior quality.

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This Premium Tequila is made from the finest 100% Highland Blue Weber agave sourced from the rich earth of the Los Altos region of Jalisco. DeLeón achieves an astonishing depth of flavor in just two distillations – allowing the tequila to retain the unique character acquired during the fermentation process. Our master distiller artfully cuts the beginning and, end of the distillation, allowing only the absolute best portion, or Corazon, to find its way into every single bottle, creating a subtle taste profile with unrivaled smoothness.

Limited Edition: DeLeon Anejo Premium TequilaDisplayed in a stunning bespoke bottle made from highest-quality fragrance-grade glass and boldly tattooed with the distinguishing mark of DeLeón®, each expression in the ultra-premium and luxury collections is strikingly defined.

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