Limited edition design: Forever bed by Nika Zupanc

We recently visited Gallery Rossana Orlandi in Promenade du Port, and we fell in love with the Forever Bed by Nika Zupanc. The limited edition design piece was developed in cooperation with Dormeo and their new technology Octaspring, and commissioned by Rossana Orlandi herself, one of the most acclaimed curators of contemporary design.


Nika Zupanc said about the project:
“On a symbolic level, I tend to work with things that form our secrets and our cravings. Thinking about sleeping and dreaming, I was inspired by the beauty and pain of loving – as it is today and as it has been throughout history. I was moved by the strength of the chemistry between two people and by the madness of their passion. These themes are the foundations of the Love Me More project and are reflected in the design of the bed that can be closed up and hidden away. The restrained, even monastic look of simple, iconic blankets and linen was taken to an unexpected level through the combination of the innovative Octaspring technology and super elegant, long-lasting materials”.


The bed linen is based on Dormeo’s Octaspring, a technology that replaces both metal springs and memory foam. The core of the innovation lies in a foam cell that enables ventilation, support and flexibility at once. Those characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications in the furniture, automotive and healthcare industries.


The innovation made Dormeo one of the fastest growing brands in the USA, while around the world it was already one of the leading choices.


Nika Zupanc creates limited edition collections for Rossana Orlandi, while continuing to design and produce her own brand.

Nika-ZupancSince emerging at the Milan Design Week, she’s been closely watched by the industry and the press, who have described her work as everything from “punk elegance” (Elle USA) and “techno chic” (BusinessWeek) to “larger than life” (Clear magazine) and Zupanc as “the real star” (The Wall Street Journal).

This limited edition of 70 pieces is available for purchase around the world.