Limited edition furniture: a Touch of Pure Luxury

Boca do Lobo’s limited edition design Eden Series is the key element of pure luxury in any interior design project. It has proven to be a big hit among art collectors because it can make a statement without dominating the space.

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Limited edition furniture: a Touch of Pure Luxury

Inspired by the tree of knowledge and the tale of Adam and Eve, and the birth of desire, Eden is extremely versatile. Available in three different sets – one composed of 7 tables, other of 8 and another one of 16 tables –  Eden Series can be arranged in broad range of combinations and, therefore, easily adapted to different needs of its users.


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Produced in melted metal with a gold plated finish, this set of center tables is perfect  for dynamic people who devote themselves fully to the creation and recreation of cosmopolitan luxury environments and love the exclusivity of limited edition design.

Just change its position! It will look great in any way.

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This year, Eden Series was presented at Maison&Objet and is currently being exhibited in Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair at Delightfull’s stand, Boca do Lobo‘s lighting design partner brand. If you happen to be around, take the opportunity of seeing this pice of emotional design live!

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