Limited Edition Hennessy X.O by Marc Newson

A good drink is an excellent way to finish every day. The good folks over at Hennessy are no strangers to great drinks and today they are back with something special. For all the Cognac lovers and specially for the design bottle’s collectors, good news are about to come – a desired limited edition made for you.



Hennessy, one of the best cognac brands, just released the latest Exclusive Collection XO Cognac by Marc Newson. This limited edition is another rare decanter in the range of Exclusive Editions by Hennessy.

The new blend comes rocking a stunning limited edition bottle that was designed by world-renowned industrial designer Marc Newson.

The limited edition bottle comes inspired by the timelessness of the Hennessy X.O bottle, which this time features the original grape and leaves flipped into a modern interpretation to emphasize the iconic shape of the bottle. The bottle was designed to amplify the blend inside, the rich color of the blend is magnified as light hits the modern, dynamic straight lines. The blend is nothing short of flavorful, boasting a stunning sip that is worth the experience. The Hennessy X.O Limited Edition by Marc Newson is worth adding to your home bar. Check out the new bottle in the images and give us your thoughts in the comments. Look for the new bottle at Hennessy and fine retailers nationwide.

If you are a Limited Edition fan – hurry up! Experience shows that these editions are bought for both drinking purposes but also as collector items.

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