10 Limited Edition Instagram Feeds From Top Luxury Brands

As the holiday season is getting closer, you can feel the magic around this time of the year. There´s a plenty of options and inspirations for finding the perfect gift, and Instagram can be quite a useful source of inspirations. This way, Design Limited Edition has chosen 10 Inspiring Instagram Feeds From Top Luxury Brands, in order to help you with this demanding task.


10 Limited Edition Instagram Feeds From Top Luxury BrandsA good mixture of product shots, behind the scenes glimpses of the people behind the brand and professional model shots. And lots of furs.

Harry Winston

10 Limited Edition Instagram Feeds From Top Luxury BrandsHarry Winston suggests you rare jewels of the World from the ultimate American Jeweler and Watchmaker. The Christmas gift everyone would love to receive!

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10 Limited Edition Instagram Feeds From Top Luxury BrandsBulgari showcases the best of luxury watches and jewelry through and inspiring an incredible Instagram feed.


10 Limited Edition Instagram Feeds From Top Luxury BrandsThe iconic British Luxury brand is, of course, another great source of inspiration. 160 years in the making, this feed is inspired by the life and pioneering discoveries of the founder, reimagining key events that have shaped Burberry’s history.

Dolce & Gabbana

10 Limited Edition Instagram Feeds From Top Luxury BrandsDolce & Gabbana is another brand that is full of inspirations and ideas for the holiday season. From inspiring sketches to the latest news of the brand, this feed is a must!


6For the car aficcionado, Ferrari is another brand that you have to follow. Performance, innovations, technology, driving pleasure and design is all that you can find here.

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Boca do Lobo

7Boca do Lobo needs no presentations. In our Instagram, we seek to provide the best of luxury inspirations. Art furniture, behind the scenes, contemporary design and luxury lifestyle is just a sneak peak of what you can find there.

Elie Saab

8The inspiration behind the Lebanese designer Eli Saab is worthy to be considered. Find here the best of his ready to wear collection as well as haute couture designs.


9Fendi is one of the biggest names in the high-end fashion and her Instagram feed shows why: luxury, sophistication and glamour in only one internet page!

10The the best of Alexandre McQueen Inspirations by following this incredible feed at Instagram.


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