Limited Edition Perfumes To Celebrate Yves Saint Laurent’s Anniversary

For its 40th anniversary, Yves Saint Laurent, the perfume brand has entitled the artist Manuela Paul-Cavalier to renovate the bottle of its iconic “Opium” into a new, exclusive and exceptional creation.

Using a stunning perfume in gold finish, the black opium perfume, designed a limited edition with limited quantity for sale.


Yves Saint Laurent is not only a designer perfume but an influential brand that gained the attention of hundreds of fans, all craving for the sensuality of the perfumes of the brand.


To mark the four decades of its existence, the brand has chosen gold, the symbol of luxury, prestige, and exclusivity to the product that is its black opium perfume.

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The artist Paul Cavalier revised the details of the bottle meticulously using pointed brushes and pertained highly practical techniques, for a unique design, and finished the bottle of an outstanding gold to give tribute to the value of Yves Saint Laurent.


This limited edition has proven the positioning of this renown design perfume, confirmed its exclusivity and has broken the barriers for a highly innovative perfume

As many described this limited edition, audacity in one bottle and combining perfume tradition and flavor of prestige.

Another invention by Yves Saint Laurent for it forty anniversary is a sophisticated watch, modern and elegant.

The message behind this exclusive and limited edition speaks to four golden decades by Yves Saint Laurent, the brand that attracted the whole world by its progressive perfumes and design.

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