London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals

For the best in design and decoration, step into the glamorous world of Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Described as ‘couture for the home’ it is well-established as the world’s premier destination for design excellence. Find out more about London Design Week

Marc de Berny
There is an unmistakeable air of sophistication to Marc de Berny. An unerring eye for the highest expressions of craftsmanship offer furniture and lighting for cosmopolitan interiors and luxury hotel projects. The latest collections draw on the talents of two brilliant designers, Jean-Louis Denoit and Francis Sultana, who offer bold avant-garde variations and classical reinterpretations. Utilizing artisanal techniques and materials such as lost-wax bronze, parchment and lacquer, they are enhanced with modern accents like laser-cut metal.

London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals

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Birgit Israel
Birgit Israel’s new emporium reflects her unmistakeable good taste. With over 20 years’ in the industry, trust her judgement. Inspired by Hollywood Regency and French design from the 1930s and 1940s, there is a timeless quality to her designs. Bespoke furniture is handmade in her German workshop by skilled craftsmen using materials such as shellac parchment, brass and bronze. Evident to the eye as well as to the touch, reflective surfaces are key as many pieces are highly polished.

London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals

Boca do Lobo | Sidetables

London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals

Iksel – Decorative Arts
Detailed imagery and clever use of scale, colour and texture give wallpapers a beguiling narrative that draws you in. An ingenious fusion of digital printing and art, hand-painted originals can be transformed into customised frescoes. Available as bespoke commissions or standard printed, most designs are derived from their significant archives, or adapted directly from original documents in museums and chateaux. Tailored to fit site-specific spaces, they can be made as all-around repeats or used on ceilings, decorative panels and screens.

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Ceccotti Collezioni
Ceccotti Collezioni has received critical acclaim in the world of contemporary design. Whilst maintaining a traditional artisanal approach to furniture making, inspiration often comes from designer collaborations. From its base in the Tuscan town of Cascina, designs in organic shapes and natural materials are made. Wood continues to be the cornerstone of their expertise, along with leather, brass and stone. Many designs are considered as functional pieces of art.

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Fans of Italian design will long be familiar with furniture by Giorgetti. Constant innovation and artisan know-how have led the company since 1898. Exceptional products for contemporary living are characterised by a dedication to natural materials. Beautifully crafted wood is complemented by leather, fabric, metal and marble finishes. In the pursuit of excellence, both in terms of design and comfort, ergonomic principles and industrial techniques are explored and developed.

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Boca do Lobo | Coolors Collection

Front Rugs
Bold, breathtaking and utterly original, Front presents collections from Jan Kath and Michaela Schleypen, and Zoë Luyendijk, three of the most ground-breaking and sought-after rug designers. Redefining the rules of composition, their work can be considered original floor art. Developing new techniques and challenging convention, they have pioneered new techniques such as rug sculpting and distressed patinas to realise their design concepts.

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Founded in 1928, Houlès is a French family-owned company whose international reputation extends far beyond Paris. A world-leader in the finest passementerie, it also offers decorative curtain poles, upholstery and curtain fabrics. The choice is exceptional, encompassing both elaborate and more modern styles. The latest collections are resolutely contemporary with Zen and Japanese influences. From high-end residences to restaurants and luxury hotels, exquisite products have been selected for iconic interiors including the Palace of Versailles.

london-design-week-brands-new-arrivals (1) London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals

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Elise Som
Elise Som open their flagship UK showroom in the centre dome. Drawing inspiration from all corners of the globe, the collection of furniture and accessories is the epitome of cosmopolitan chic. Everything reflects the personal aesthetic of the interior designer founder. Distinguished by elegant silhouettes and exquisite materials there is uncompromising craftsmanship and sophisticated artistry to every piece.

London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals London Design Week – Top Brands, New Arrivals


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