The Most Luxurious Chalet of North America

A new luxury hotel located at this exclusive destination on the flanks of America’s highest mountain is set to offer the ultimate guests experience when it open this February – Come to see The Most Luxurious Chalet of North America!


The newly built Shelton Chalet, which is set to open in February invites travelers to experience the wilderness of Alaska. And, for those who love the winter season and everything that comes with it: snow, freezing temperatures, and scratchy wool sweaters.



The Sheldon can easily call itself one of the world’s most exclusive addresses, accessible only by plane, at 6,000 feet above sea level. Located just 10 miles from the summit of Denali, the new luxury hotel is perched on the peak of an Alaskan glacier, offering not only a breathtaking surrounding but also taking the concept of living on the edge to new heights.


The common area features a fireplace, kitchen, dining space, sitting areas, sauna, viewing station and outdoor observation deck, where guests can sip on champagne while taking in the majesty of their wintry surroundings just 10 miles (16 km) from the summit of Denali.


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Other services include a personal chef who will prepare meals for guests on-site by creating menus that highlight regional ingredients like Alaska King Crab, Copper River Salmon, and locally-grown micro greens.


After an intense day of glacier trekking with the mountaineering guides, guests can retire to their cozy bedrooms, warm up with fur throws, and settle under the covers while being lulled to sleep by bright, starry nights or, if you’re lucky, the aurora borealis.


The construction of the Sheldon was a nearly 50-year vision. Following the death of their mother in 2014, siblings Robert and Kate Sheldon decided to fulfill their parents’ dream of opening an adventure property in Denali National Park.


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