Luxury Cars: Limited Edition Lotus Evora Sport 410

The new class-leading Lotus Evora Sport 410 has been revealed after an intense development program following its Geneva debut. It’s massively lighter, with more power and huge gains in aerodynamic efficiency, this new generation of Evora is a purebred supercar, using Lotus’ DNA to deliver a spiritual successor to the marque’s most iconic models, including the Esprit Sport 300.

bannerThe Evora Sport 410 is the result of thousands of hours’ development by Lotus, across every aspect of the car. From the mass of carbon fiber components covering the car from nose to tail as standard, including a revolutionary one-piece tailgate, to the recalibrated and tuned supercharged V6 engine – every inch has been assessed to provide unrivaled performance.

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Luxury Cars: Limited Edition Lotus Evora Sport 410The car’s vastly improved aerodynamic configuration delivers an unparalleled level of handling and high-speed stability, and the addition of performance orientated wheels, tyres and critical parts, including the new titanium exhaust, ensures that it draws on Colin Chapman’s obsession with simplifying, and adding lightness.

Luxury Cars: Limited Edition Lotus Evora Sport 410Over the last twelve months, Lotus’ engineering teams have brought their unmatched experience of advanced lightweight construction technologies, aerodynamic optimization, vehicle dynamics and powertrain development to bear.

Luxury Cars: Limited Edition Lotus Evora Sport 410The result is a testament to the company’s continuous quest to improve, delivering a car that’s worthy of carrying Lotus’ Sport moniker – reserved for its lightest, most-evolved models.

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Luxury Cars: Limited Edition Lotus Evora Sport 410Drawing from its iconic predecessors, the Evora Sport 410 uses design cues as well as drawing engineering inspiration to provide the context for this new car.

Luxury Cars: Limited Edition Lotus Evora Sport 410Key to the cut in weight, by more than 70 kg, has been the adoption of hand-made carbon fibre components. Rather than just replacing existing parts with lighter versions, each has been redesigned and enhanced in order to make the most of the composite’s properties.

banner-new-catalogue-covet-loungeCovering the car from front to back, these include a front splitter, revised front access panel, roof section, tailgate, rear quarter panels, and rear diffuser. These are joined by race-derived carbon sports seats, which themselves save 9kg each.

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