Luxury Chandeliers for an Exclusive Home-Style

It is possible to give a unique style to every home, thanks to a few tricks such as the luxury chandeliers. When we think of the finest rooms and halls or largest parties, the first thing that come to mind it the chandeliers, an element that is able to bring class and charm even the most bare. It’s not just the lighting that ensures to bring and create the right atmosphere: the style, design and luxury of a single lamp is such that it represents in itself a plus. The most admired and desired model is the chandelier, the chandeliers of the past that today have been able to keep uniting with modern details. Here are some of the most luxury chandeliers that we choose for you:


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The most classic models are the large crystal white chandeliers. The memories that the luxury chandeliers evoke is that of the ballrooms, illuminated by the candle lights and the glass: in the past ages the size gave the possibility to merge several candles at a single point, illuminating the greatest environments. The same philosophy leads today Murano, a protagonist of craftsmanship, crystal , glass, gold and the most daring precious stones.

Luxury Chandeliers for an Exclusive Home-Style

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Many fine brands that are dedicated to luxury lightning leave you breathless with each collection that they create. Faustig the collection of the luxury lightning house offers for 50 years now, various types of luxury chandeliers, from the most classics ones to the most complex and extraordinary. Precious details, touches of color, crystal and fine glass shapes that fuse old and new in a mix of great class. The prestigious brand  and its collections, all made by hand, are so extraordinary that set twice world record as the biggest and most complex chandeliers on 2000 and later on 2007.

Luxury Chandeliers for an Exclusive Home-Style

The beauty and brilliance of gold and crystal is in the exclusive creation signed by Pataviumart, Gold Art. The historic company specialized in luxury furnishing, creates chandeliers as an explosion of wealth to give a luxurious touch to the most refined houses. The chandelier Gold Art, has eight lights finished in gold leaf and decorated with Swarovski crystals, beading in shiny 14 carat gold – a chandelier that combines luxurious materials in a piece of furniture of great impact. It is a limited edition of only 150 copies : a truly unique way to illuminate your home.

Luxury Chandeliers for an Exclusive Home-Style

Luxury Chandeliers for an Exclusive Home-Style

Luxxu is one the youngest companies Made in Portugal, specialized in exclusive pieces of lightning. Their creations combine the craftsmanship and typical homegrown workers with the aesthetic taste in the use of unique materials, molded into new and eye-catching shapes. Made by the finest selection of materials as brass, glass and Swarovski crystal combined with the rare handwork techniques and contemporary design. Luxxu has exceptional character to the  most luxurious environments, characterized by large crystal chandeliers, can give a unique atmosphere to the most chic events.

Luxury Chandeliers for an Exclusive Home-Stylelx-wall-750

Ginger one of the many creation of Micron is a leading manufacturer of lamps. Thousand gleams created by the reflection of the crystals, this is the feature of this chandelier suitable for large living rooms but also for stairwells because immediately gives instant elegance. The sparkles are also created by the low-voltage bulbs that are set like gems, floating in the air. Ginger is a luxury chandelier made up of a thousand rings all unique because they are made entirely by hand; each ring, which ends with a steel spring which acts as a support and fixing stability, is different in color from black to purple, passing through the ruby red and amber.

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Luxury Chandeliers for an Exclusive Home-Styleluxury chandeliers for an exclusive home style home accessories

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