Luxury Design: Baccarat celebrates 250th anniversary at Printemps

Baccarat is celebrating its 250th anniversary with six window displays at the parisian department store Printemps. The scenery was created by artist Julien Colombie and tells the story of the brand’s history.

The concept shows the home of an explorer, with influences from cultures in Asia, the tropics, Russia, India, Europe and the Middle East. Something deeply connected with the luxury brand’s history, since the french cristal maker has been comissioned for work around the world.

"Baccarat at Printemps"

A giant dragon appears ready to eat a dining room table in a red-themed room, while flamingos and tropical birds rest in a green space decorated with palm leaves and wicker furniture.

Besides the window displays, visitors can also find in-store artwork accompanying the pop-up display “Le Table Baccarat.” This exhibit, created by BE Alain Ducasse, continues the same theme of an explorer’s home, focusing on Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

 Luxury design interior

A giant red chandelier, the Zénith, hangs over the space. A mixture of clear crystal and 24-carat gold powder created the red color.

The crystal brand is pre-releasing a number of items from its Harcourt collection, including a red candleholder, vases and Champagne flutes. This line was inspired by a ceremonial chalice engraved with a royal monogram that Louis Philippe commissioned in 1841.

The brand has also created a collection of exclusive ladies gifts for Printemps. The Médicis jewelry collection feature square “sugar loaf” shaped red crystal stones, and homage to vintage sketches from the house.

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