Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019: Meet The Speakers II

We are almost upon the Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit, and you can find out more and more of what is going to happen in this outstanding event. With speakers that will come from every corner of the world bringing their unique insights to the panels and discussions, this summit is a promise to deliver a lively debate that will set the future of the Luxury Design world.

Having already brought you the first batch of speakers for this exclusive event, today we bring new names, that will grace the stage of the Pavilhão Multiusos, sharing years of expertise and knowledge in luxury design and craftsmanship.

Emmanuel Babled

Emmanuel Babled was born in France in 1967. He studied Industrial Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, graduating in 1989 and founding his own design studio in 1992. In 2010 Emmanuel Babled Studio moved to Amsterdam after many years in Milan. Since the start, he has developed a wide range of unique pieces and limited editions in self-production and for prestigious manufacturers. This work is part of private and public collections. At the same time, he has also been designing industrial products, furniture and lighting.

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Far from merely celebrating tradition, he is more interested in challenging traditional methods in order to obtain innovative and meaningful results. His work often combines a historical knowledge of the craft mixed with a computerised process and original composition.

Christian Haas

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Born in Germany in 1974, Christian Haas established his Studio in 2000. The Industrial Designer creates a multitude of projects from furniture and lighting to porcelain and glassware. His design approach merges simplicity and elegance. His sense of aesthetics is driven by the harmony between sobriety, usefulness, emotionality, longevity and uniqueness.

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The Studio works for international brands such as Rosenthal, Karakter, Arita2016 and Tecta as well as for selected design galleries. Throughout the years, his work was honoured with awards like the Red Dot Design Award and the Elle Decoration International Design Award.

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His notable works include the lighting edition ROPES, part of Vitra Design Museum’s permanent collection; the broad furniture range for Japanese producer Karimoku New Standard and some of the most successful tableware series of the past 10 years. Christian Haas lives and works in Porto, Portugal.

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Ana Vasconcelos

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Ana Vasconcelos defines herself as a woman who leads transformations. She began by playing a more active role in the company Belcinto in 1975, the year after the death of her father, the founder. In the course of her first steps as an integral part of Belcinto, she entered the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, where she studied Philosophy. In order to complement her academic training, she went through all departments of the company, which allowed her to develop a more detailed vision of the various sectors of the company, as well as the changes necessary for its growth.

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“Even now, our passion is continuous in the production of leather goods, characterized by its unique legacy in craftsmanship and incomparable quality.”

Belcinto began in 1961 in São João da Madeira, a city located in the north of Portugal, recognized for generations given its art in the creation of leather goods. The birth of Belcinto is marked by the manual production of leather belts. As our growth became evident, their production expanded to backpacks, man’s travel bags, wallets and women’s purses.

Maria da Conceição Amaral

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Maria da Conceição Amaral is since May 2016 the CEO of the Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation as well as maintains the management positions of the Portuguese Decorative Arts Museum (FRESS) and FRESS Training Manager. She is also the current Vice-President of the MultiCulti association – Cultures of the Mediterranean.

Conceição Amaral has a vast and full career, being Director of the Museum of Archeology of Silves where, in addition to all the inheritance of the position, coordinated the General Inventory of Museum Archeology, produced and commissioned several exhibitions and catalogues.

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There are still many things to discover for this year’s edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit!

Will be updating you on everything related to the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit, so stay tuned!

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