Luxury gifts– Meet the diamond experience on Neiman Marcus Christmas List

Are you looking for the perfect luxury Christmas gift? How about a diamond experience?

This is the most expensive and probably unique Christmas gift on this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. For $1.85 million, not only can you get a 25-carat rough diamond, but also personalize with the help of award-winning designer Maria Canale.


But that’s not all. The package includes a trip to De Beers’ headquarters in London, the world’s leading diamond company, and to Africa, Namibia’s coast, where the diamond was discovered deep within the ocean floor, to trace the stone’s origins. Superb!
The Forevermark diamond experience includes also a dinner with De Beers CEO Philippe Mellier and Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier at The Tower of London.

If you are still not convinced, you can always choose other luxury experiences from Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Here are a few more of the most luxurious.

For example, an outdoor entertainment system with a 201-inch television that rises out of the ground.

For $1.5 million, you will get an epic theater experience. The system includes technologically advanced speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers, a DirecTV satellite and DVD management system, and a built-in movie package featuring up to 300 movies and concerts. Two Apple mini iPads serve as the remotes.

For design lovers, how about spending the night at architect Philip Johnson’s Glass House, in Connecticut?


For $30.000 you get a “unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a masterpiece” as the director of the Glass House, Henry Urbach, puts it.

As for cars, the book presents a special-edition 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, one of only ten in the world.


Handmade in England and in a exclusive shade of Seychelles Blue, this Vanquish Volante sports a 100% carbon fiber shell, the first ever in Aston Martin’s history while a new, naturally aspirated 6.0-liter, V-12 engine produces some 565 horsepower. It’s yours for $344,500.

Or you can choose the Wild Child.


Handbuilt in Brooklyn, New York, for the Discovery Channel “Biker Build-Off” series, this phenomenal bike is said to be the greatest of Indian Larry’s artistic achievements. It features his signature, dished tank, root beer metal flake paint, twisted down tube frame, and a truly unique engine with a shovelhead front cylinder, panhead rear, and jockey shift. Brass accents and a hand-carved leather seat complete the picture. The price: $750,000.