Luxury Leather Goods To Be Made From Alexander McQueen’s DNA

Pushing boundaries was the philosophy and inspiration for Alexander McQueen creations. The famous designer created some of the most iconic pieces of the fashion world and will be forever remembered as a visionary. Now, a fashion design student is working on a collection of leather bags and jackets made from the late Alexander McQueen’s skin. Would he approve this crazy idea?

bl-limited-edition-750Probably the British design would approve Tina Gorjanc’s plan to grow new skin from his DNA and fashion the resulting material into luxury leather goods. It’s odd and morbid, and therefore fascinating. Gorjanc says that she wants the project to raise questions about the ethics of using genetic information for luxury goods.

Luxury Leather Goods To Be Made From Alexander McQueen's DNA

Luxury Leather Goods To Be Made From Alexander McQueen's DNAThe “skin” will bear tattoos, moles and freckles reflecting the real locations, size and design of McQueen’s. Gorjanc launched the project titled “Pure Human” with hopes to bring to light “how corporations might one day exploit genetic information for luxury goods, and to showcase how little protection exists for a person’s DNA,” according to the article.

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5Luxury Leather Goods To Be Made From Alexander McQueen's DNA


3Gorjanc was able to use McQueen’s DNA from the late designer’s 1992 “Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims” collection, which he sewed his own hair into.


To protect the project, Gorjanc filed two patents so far — one for the “bioengineered genetic material that is grown in the lab using tissue – engineering technology and the process of de-extinction” and the other to protect the actual design process itself.

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1But don’t get too excited to wear a jacket made out of McQueen’s skin–the final collection will most likely be put on display in a gallery rather than being sold to consumers.


Alexander McQueen, the celebrated fashion designer who committed suicide in 2010, liked to provoke. His 2001 asylum-themed collection, for example, culminated with a fleshy, nude woman reclining in a glass cube, breathing through tubes connected to a face mask as large live moths fluttered around her.

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