Luxury Living Room Sets For Your New York House

New York, a city full of vibrancy and style, provides the ideal setting for luxurious homes that merge refinement with modern attractiveness. Boca do Lobo explores the art of changing your living space into a refuge of exquisite beauty in this special research. Each of these Luxury Living Room Sets offers a distinct tale, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to transcending the conventional, from beautifully built sofas that extend comfort to avant-garde coffee tables that redefine style.

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Soho Residence Modernity

Luxury Living Room Sets - A New York living room with a modular sofa with gold detailed back, a marble center table, a gold sideboard and a chandelier.

Improve your Soho residence with our living room sets that embody modernity in every detail. Clean lines, avant-garde sculptures, and luxurious furnishings come together to create a space that mirrors the vibrant energy of Soho. Immerse yourself in the contemporary allure of our curated sets, where design meets the avant-garde in the heart of downtown Manhattan.

Imperfectio Modular Sofa & Navarra Center Table

Supernova Chandelier
Luxury Living Room Sets - Gold detailed chandelier with the name of Supernova. Small pieces of gold brass to make a different type of chandelier.
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Metropolitan Chic on Park Avenue

Luxury Living Room Sets - A Luxury penthouse with two sofas, two armchairs, a sideboard and a mirror. In the back a view to new york downtown. All with gold details.

With our living room sets built for the elegant interiors of Park Avenue, you may reveal the ultimate of metropolitan sophistication. As sleek lines and avant-garde furniture revolutionize contemporary living, modernity meets grandeur. Our carefully designed sets combine striking style with unsurpassed comfort, creating an urban oasis where luxury knows no limits.

Soleil Sofa & Angra Sideboard

Lapiaz Mirror

Luxury Living Room Sets - A concave mirror with a tear in gold finish almost in the middle of it.
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Upper East Side Sophistication

Luxury Living Room Sets - A living room full of statement pieces, from center tables in gold to a different sofa shape in grey color and gold details

Our carefully crafted living room sets will transport you to the Upper East Side. These sets represent the height of luxury, transforming your home into a refuge of sophisticated beauty. From meticulously crafted sofas to statement centerpieces, each piece is a monument to the unrivaled flair that marks the Upper East Side’s legendary mansions.

Odette Sofa & Eden Center Table Series

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Central Park Grandeur

Luxury Living Room Sets - Comfy white and beige tones living room with two white sofas, a black and beige center table and a suspension lamp in black

With our exclusive assortment of luxury living room sets, you can experience the grandeur of Central Park living. These sets, inspired by their surroundings, bring nature within via carefully selected materials and natural-looking features. Immerse yourself in a living room that embodies the essence of Central Park’s ageless beauty, from luxurious sofas to beautiful coffee tables.

Ophelia Center Table

Luxury Living Room Sets - Ophelia Center Table. Marble and brass center table.
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Timeless Elegance in Tribeca

Luxury Living Room Sets - classic living room decor with modern grey sofa and armchair, colorful rug, golden center table and a luxurious suspension lamp.

Experience the appeal of classic beauty with our luxury living room sets, nestled in the heart of Tribeca. A symphony of textures, from rich and luxurious sofas to delicately sculpted center tables, creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Each piece has been meticulously selected to capture the sense of luxury living, transforming your Tribeca home into a showcase of sophisticated taste.

Soleil Armchair & Stonehenge Side Table

Wave Center Table

Luxury Living Room Sets - Wave form center table. Gold hammered finishes and brass
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