Luxury Toys: The most expensive Halloween costume

If you are planning on spooking people out this Halloween in great style, then here is our latest luxury toy for you – the most expensive morphsuit, a complete spandex outfit made with 20.000 white diamonds.

design-limited-edition-Luxury-Toys-The-most-expensive-Halloween-costume Luxury Toys: The most expensive Halloween costume Luxury Toys: The most expensive Halloween costume design limited edition Luxury Toys The most expensive Halloween costume
Called Morph-a-million, this suit will certainly make an impression. Though the wearer is completely covered from head to toe, the morphsuit is breathable and easy to see through, fitting like a glove. “Like our other suits you can breathe through, drink through and see through them, but this one has something extra special” adds its creator, Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphsuits, who explained that people were asking for flashier Halloween costumes so he decided to put together the flashiest of all.

Morph-a-million uses a grey spandex costume on the base which is then covered with diamonds. The price – $ 1.5 million – is a reflection of the use of so many diamonds and the time it’s taken to create the suit.

A striking costume for the scariest night of the year. It goes well with a spectacular ride to make a big entrance in any halloween party.