Top 15 Luxury Travel Destinations For 2019

Investing in luxury travel is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to recharge and reconnect with family, but they’re extending it far beyond the classic idea of a vacation. That can take shape in the form of extreme adventures, luxury destinations, and educational excursions.

Business Insider teamed up with boutique luxury travel agency Original Travel, which plans trips for high-net-worth individuals, to find out the hottest spots the elite are spending their money on in 2019. They based this ranking on the number of bookings and performance; the latter was assessed by feedback, their expertise, and client inquiries.


Top 15 Luxury Travel Destinations For 2019 (5)

Lesser-known than neighbours Croatia and Greece, the tiny slice of Adriatic coastline that is Montenegro has previously lacked high-quality accommodation (other than the Aman network) to rival its fjord landscapes.

Montenegro is set for a luxury upgrade in 2019 with the Chedi Lustica Bay newly opened and One & Only opening its first resort in Europe next year with Portonovi in Boka Bay.


Oman is the next big destination for luxury travellers. Its peak travel season runs from October to April. Luxury brands like Anantara Hotels, which has already opened two resorts there, are claiming the country’s culture and unique topography are a huge draw for travellers.


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Champagne, in particular, is France’s hottest luxury travel destination right now. Belmond’s new Pivoine Champagne barge launched in 2018, and the recent opening of The Royal Champagne Hotel injected a much-needed shot of luxury and style to the hotel offerings of the region.

From barge or hotel, we recommend arranging a private vineyard tour and tastings including backstage at Bollinger experience, along with a make-your-own Champagne lesson and treehouse Champagne bar experience for a comprehensive immersion in the region.

Great Britain

Top 15 Luxury Travel Destinations For 2019 (2)

From the countryside to the city, there’s plenty on offer for a luxury experience in Great Britain. The city is home to a number of luxury hotels including Claridge’s, The Connaught, and The Dorchester.


India has always been one of our favourite destinations for an authentic travel experience, but in 2019 we’re honing in on the country’s spiritual specialism.

With Kumbh Mela festivals happening on rotation between four cities over the course of 12 years, 2019 started off strong for luxury travel to India.


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Chile is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and scenic landscapes.

Less traditional luxury — no white tablecloth breakfasts served on your private balcony overlooking the ocean — luxury hotels offer the luxury of being able to let go of planning and logistics without sacrificing choice or personalization.


The gateway to the Turkish Riviera was recently reopened after British Airways resumed its direct route to Dalaman.

Barber called the south-westerly beach town of Kaplankaya a “place to watch,” as well as the Bodrum peninsula, which has an array of new hotel offerings.

The Seychelles

The dozens of islands across the Indian Ocean known as the Seychelles are one of the most requested spots in Original Travel‘s diving division.

Seychelles’ North Island, in particular, is a luxurious destination. Set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this unique and exclusive hideaway attracts A-listers and royals.

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Historic Myanmar offers plenty for luxury travel — luxury boat trips along the Irrawaddy between Yangon and Bagan as well as Ngapali Beach, an elite beach retreat.

Yangon’s highlight is the Schwedagon Pagoda, where visitors take part in a robe-offering ceremony with the temple’s monks.


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Rwanda was named a new African luxury travel destination to watch in 2018 by Luxury Travel Mag. The destination is all about nature and wildlife, home to three national parks: Akagera, Nyungwe, and the Volcanoes National Park.

The latter is the perfect spot — and one of the few remaining places — to see mountain gorillas in the wild.


Unspoiled Bhutan is ideal for the adventurous luxury traveller — the country is made for trekking. You can trek many of Bhutan’s monasteries, mountain-biking along 12,000-foot mountain passes, and participate in archery tournaments.


As of March 2019, Original Travel has already received the amount of Colombia bookings that they received for all of 2018.

Opening this November is the brand new and exclusive Corocora Camp, located inside a remote private reserve on the vast plains of the Llanos Orientales region, a two-hour drive (or 30-minute helicopter ride) from Yopal. This is the first camp of its kind in Colombia with safari-style tents and wildlife-focused camping experience.


Top 15 Luxury Travel Destinations For 2019 (14)

Iceland bookings are set to double their 2018 rate. That’s not surprising, considering it was previously named one of the top places to travel in 2017 by Insider.

Many visitors make this luxury travel to the island to see the Northern Lights. The ION Luxury Adventure Hotel in Iceland’s Golden Circle was specifically designed for optimal Aurora Borealis viewing. Beyond that, there are “Crystal Caves,” massive waterfalls, Icelandic horses, and black sand beaches to explore.


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Japan’s main island, Honshu, offers several luxury travel highlights, from bathing hot spring snow monkeys to skiing in Nagano.

There are also plenty of ways to enjoy luxury travel in Japan by train — like The Twilight Express Mizukaze with a top room that costs $22,000 for a two-night, three-day trip or the Skiki-Shima train that boasts glass ceilings and suites.


Top 15 Luxury Travel Destinations For 2019 (4)

Bookings for Egypt are set to triple last year’s number, there are two primary attractions fueling this vacation trend.

The first is Steam Ship Sudan, a cruise that glides down the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, stopping at archaeological sites, temples, and tombs along the way.

The second is the Grand Egyptian Museum, relocated and newly built overlooking the pyramids of Giza. The museum will house over 100,000 ancient Egyptian artefacts, many of which have never previously been shown in public and includes King Tutankhamun’s complete collection of over 50,000 artefacts. Once complete, the museum will be the largest in the world devoted to a single civilization.

Stay with us to discover more luxury travel destinations and luxury lifestyle experiences.

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